How that person earnestly appealed

How that person earnestly appealed (to God) against the judgement of David, on whom be peace. تضرع آن شخص از داوری داود علیه السلام

سجده کرد و گفت کای دانای سوز در دل داود انداز آن فروز
He prostrated himself and said, “O Thou who knowest (my inward) ardour, cast that flame into the heart of David!
در دلش نه آنچ تو اندر دلم اندر افکندی براز ای مفضلم
Put in his heart that which Thou hast secretly let fall into mine, O my Benefactor!”
این بگفت و گریه در شد های های تا دل داود بیرون شد ز جای
He said this and began to weep with loud cries of lamentation, so that David’s heart was moved exceedingly’.
گفت هین امروز ای خواهان گاو مهلتم ده وین دعاوی را مکاو
“Hark,” said he, “O demander of (redress on account of) the cow, give me a respite to-day and do not search into these matters of dispute,
تا روم من سوی خلوت در نماز پرسم این احوال از دانای راز
So that I may go to a solitary place and ask the Knower of mysteries about these matters, (whilst I am engaged) in prayer.
خوی دارم در نماز این التفات معنی قرة عینی فی الصلوة
During prayer I am accustomed to turn thus (to God): (that is) the meaning of (the words of the Tradition), ‘the delight I feel in the ritual prayer
روزن جانم گشادست از صفا می‌رسد بی واسطه نامه‌ی خدا
The window of my soul is opened, and from the purity (of the Unseen World) the Book of God comes (to me) without intermediary.
نامه و باران و نور از روزنم می‌فتد در خانه‌ام از معدنم
The Book and the rain (of Divine grace) and the Light are falling through my window into my house from my (real and original) source.’’
دوزخست آن خانه کان بی روزنست اصل دین ای بنده روزن کردنست
The house that is without a window is Hell: to make a window, O servant (of God),is the foundation of the (true) Religion.
تیشه‌ی هر بیشه‌ای کم زن بیا تیشه زن در کندن روزن هلا
Do not ply the axe on every thicket: oh, come and ply the axe in excavating a window.
یا نمی‌دانی که نور آفتاب عکس خورشید برونست از حجاب
Or dost not thou know that the light of the sun is the re flexion of the Sun beyond the veil?
نور این دانی که حیوان دید هم پس چه کرمنا بود بر آدمم
(If) thou regardest as the (only) light this (light of the sun), which the animals too have seen, what, then, is (the illumination signified in the text) “I bestowed honour on My Adam?”
من چو خورشیدم درون نور غرق می‌ندانم کرد خویش از نور فرق
“I am plunged in the Light, like the sun; I cannot distinguish myself from the Light.
رفتنم سوی نماز و آن خلا بهر تعلیمست ره مر خلق را
My going to prayer and to that solitude is for the purpose of teaching the people the Way.
کژ نهم تا راست گردد این جهان حرب خدعه این بود ای پهلوان
I put (things) crooked in order that this world may become straight”: this is (the meaning of) “War is deceit,” O paladin.
نیست دستوری و گر نه ریختی گرد از دریای راز انگیختی
There is not permission (for me to say more); otherwise, he (David) would have poured out (the whole matter) and would have raised dust from the sea of the mystery.
همچنین داود می‌گفت این نسق خواست گشتن عقل خلقان محترق
David went on speaking in this tenor, (so that) the under standing of the people was on the point of being burned up.
پس گریبانش کشید از پس یکی که ندارم در یکیی‌اش شکی
Then some one pulled his collar from behind, saying, “I have not any doubt as to His unity.”
با خود آمد گفت را کوتاه کرد لب ببست و عزم خلوتگاه کرد
(Thereupon) he came to himself, cut short his discourse, closed his lips, and set out for the place where he was alone.




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