The story of Daqúqí

The story of Daqúqí and his miraculous gifts.قصه‌ی دقوقی رحمة الله علیه و کراماتش

آن دقوقی داشت خوش دیباجه‌ای عاشق و صاحب کرامت خواجه‌ای
That Daqúqí had a fair front; he was a (spiritual) lord who loved (God) and possessed miraculous gifts.
در زمین می‌شد چو مه بر آسمان شب‌روان راگشته زو روشن روان
He walked on earth as the moon in heaven: by him the spirits of the night-travellers became illumined.
در مقامی مسکنی کم ساختی کم دو روز اندر دهی انداختی
He would not make his abode in any one place, he would not spend two days in a village.
گفت در یک خانه گر باشم دو روز عشق آن مسکن کند در من فروز
He said, “If I stay two days in one house, love of that dwelling-place is kindled in me.
غرة المسکن احاذره انا انقلی یا نفس سیری للغنا
I am afraid of being beguiled by the dwelling-place: migrate, O my soul, and travel to independence.
لا اعود خلق قلبی بالمکان کی یکون خالصا فی الامتحان
I will not accustom my heart’s nature to locality, (and I do this) in order that it may be pure in the (hour of) trial.”
روز اندر سیر بد شب در نماز چشم اندر شاه باز او همچو باز
During the day he was (engaged) in travel, during the night in ritual prayer: his eye (was) open on the King, and he (himself was) like the falcon.
منقطع از خلق نه از بد خوی منفرد از مرد و زن نه از دوی
(He was) severed from the creatures (of God), (but) not on account of ill nature; isolated from man and woman, (but) not because of dualism.
مشفقی خلق و نافع همچو آب خوش شفعیی و دعااش مستجاب
A compassionate man to the creatures and beneficial (to them) as water; a goodly intercessor, and his prayers were answered.
نیک و بد را مهربان و مستقر بهتر از مادر شهی‌تر از پدر
(He was) kind to the good and the bad, and a sure refuge (for them); (he was) better than a mother, dearer than a father.
گفت پیغامبر شما را ای مهان چون پدر هستم شفیق و مهربان
The Prophet said, “O sirs, to you I am compassionate and kind as a father,
زان سبب که جمله اجزای منید جزو را از کل چرا بر می‌کنید
Because ye all are parts of me.” Why (then) will ye tear the part away from the whole?
جزو از کل قطع شد بی کار شد عضو از تن قطع شد مردار شد
(When) the part is severed from the whole, it becomes useless; (when) the limb is severed from the body, it becomes carrion.
تا نپیوندد بکل بار دگر مرده باشد نبودش از جان خبر
Till it is joined once more to the whole, it is dead: it has no consciousness of life;
ور بجنبد نیست آن را خود سند عضو نو ببریده هم جنبش کند
And if it move, yet it has no support: the newly severed limb also moves.
جزو ازین کل گر برد یکسو رود این نه آن کلست کو ناقص شود
If the part be severed and fall asunder from this (spiritual) whole, this is not the (kind of) whole that is liable to defect.
قطع و وصل او نیاید در مقال چیز ناقص گفته شد بهر مثال
Separation from it and conjunction with it are not (really) predicable; the defective thing has been mentioned (only) for the sake of comparison.




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