How Luqmán, when he saw David

How Luqmán, when he saw David, on whom be peace, making (iron) rings, refrained from questioning him, with the intention that this act of self-control should be the cause of relief (from perplexity).صبرکردن لقمان چون دید کی داود حلقه‌ها می‌ساخت از سال کردن با این نیت کی صبر از سال موجب فرج باشد

رفت لقمان سوی داود صفا دید کو می‌کرد ز آهن حلقه‌ها
Luqmán went to David, the pure of heart, and observed that he was making rings of iron,
جمله را با همدگر در می‌فکند ز آهن پولاد آن شاه بلند
(And) that the exalted King was casting all the steel rings into each other.
صنعت زراد او کم دیده بود درعجب می‌ماند وسواسش فزود
He had not seen the armourer’s handicraft (before), (so) he remained in astonishment and his curiosity increased.
کین چه شاید بود وا پرسم ازو که چه می‌سازی ز حلقه تو بتو
“What can this be? I will ask him what he is making with the interfolded rings.”
باز با خود گفت صبر اولیترست صبر تا مقصود زوتر رهبرست
Again he said to himself, “Patience is better: patience is the quickest guide to the object of one’s quest.”
چون نپرسی زودتر کشفت شود مرغ صبر از جمله پران‌تر بود
When you ask no question, the sooner will it (the secret) be disclosed to you: the bird, patience, flies faster than all (others);
ور بپرسی دیرتر حاصل شود سهل از بی صبریت مشکل شود
And if you ask, the more slowly will your object be gained: what is easy will be made difficult by your impatience.
چونک لقمان تن بزد هم در زمان شد تمام از صنعت داود آن
When Luqmán kept silence, straightway that (work of making rings) was finished by David’s craftsmanship.
پس زره سازید و در پوشید او پیش لقمان کریم صبرخو
Then he fashioned a coat of mail and put it on in the presence of the noble and patient Luqmán.
گفت این نیکو لباسست ای فتی درمصاف و جنگ دفع زخم را
“This,” he said, “is an excellent garment, O young man, for warding off blows on the battle-field and in war.”
گفت لقمان صبر هم نیکو دمیست که پناه و دافع هر جا غمیست
Luqmán said, “Patience too is of good effect, for it is the protection and defence against pain everywhere.”
صبر را با حق قرین کرد ای فلان آخر والعصر را آگه بخوان
He (God) hath joined sabr (patience) with haqq (the real and permanent): O reader, recite attentively the end of (the Súra) Wa’l-‘asr.
صد هزاران کیمیا حق آفرید کیمیایی همچو صبر آدم ندید
God created hundreds of thousands of elixirs, (but) Man hath not seen an elixir like patience.




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