How a cadi complained

How a cadi complained

How a cadi complained of the calamity of (holding) the office of cadi, and how his deputy answered him.شکایت قاضی از آفت قضا و جواب گفتن نایب او را

قاضیی بنشاندند او می‏گریست
گفت نایب قاضیا گریه ز چیست‏
They installed a cadi, (and meanwhile) he wept. The deputy said, ‘O cadi, what are you weeping for?
این نه وقت گریه و فریاد تست
وقت شادی و مبارک باد تست‏
This is not the time for you to weep and lament: it is the time for you to rejoice and receive felicitations.’
گفت اه چون حکم راند بی‏دلی
در میان آن دو عالم جاهلی‏
‘Ah,’ said he, ‘how shall a man without insight pronounce judgement an ignorant man (decide) between two who know?
آن دو خصم از واقعه‏ی خود واقفند
قاضی مسکین چه داند ز آن دو بند
Those two adversaries are acquainted with their own case: what should the poor cadi know of those two tangles?
جاهل است و غافل است از حالشان
چون رود در خونشان و مالشان‏
He is ignorant and unaware of their (real) state: how should he proceed (to give judgment) concerning their lives and property?’
گفت خصمان عالمند و علتی
جاهلی تو لیک شمع ملتی‏
He (the deputy) said, ‘The litigants know (the truth of their case) and (nevertheless) are unsound (prejudiced); you are ignorant (of the facts), but you are the luminary of the whole body (of Moslems),
ز انکه تو علت نداری در میان
آن فراغت هست نور دیده‏گان‏
Because you have no prejudice to interfere (with your discernment), and that freedom (from prejudice) is light to the eyes;
و آن دو عالم را غرضشان کور کرد
علمشان را علت اندر گور کرد
While those two who know are blinded by their self-interest: prejudice has put their knowledge into the grave.
جهل را بی‏علتی عالم کند
علم را علت کژ و ظالم کند
Unprejudicedness makes ignorance wise; prejudice makes knowledge perverse and iniquitous.
تا تو رشوت نستدی بیننده‏ای
چون طمع کردی ضریر و بنده‏ای‏
So long as you accept no bribe, you are seeing; when you act covetously, you are blind and enslaved.’
از هوا من خوی را واکرده‏ام
لقمه‏های شهوتی کم خورده‏ام‏
I have turned my nature away from vain desire: I have not eaten delicious morsels.
چاشنی گیر دلم شد با فروغ
راست را داند حقیقت از دروغ‏
My heart, which tastes (and distinguishes), has become bright (like a clear mirror): it really knows truth from falsehood.




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