How David, on whom be peace, gave judgement

How David, on whom be peace, gave judgement against the slayer of the cow. حکم کردن داود علیه السلام برکشنده‌ی گاو

گفت داود این سخنها را بشو حجت شرعی درین دعوی بگو
David said, “Wipe out these words and declare (set forth) a legal plea in this dispute.
تو روا داری که من بی حجتی بنهم اندر شهر باطل سنتی
Do you deem it allowable that, without any (such) plea, I should establish a wring ordinance in the city?
این کی بخشیدت خریدی وارثی ریع را چون می‌ستانی حارثی
Who gave you this (cow)? Did you buy or inherit her? How will you take the crop? Are you the farmer?
کسب را همچون زراعت دان عمو تا نکاری دخل نبود آن تو
Know, uncle, that the acquisition (of property) is like agriculture: unless you sow (the land), the produce does not belong to you;
آنچ کاری بدروی آن آن تست ورنه این بی‌داد بر تو شد درست
For you reap what you sow: that is yours. Otherwise, this act of injustice is proved against you.
رو بده مال مسلمان کژ مگو رو بجو وام و بده باطل مجو
Go, pay the Moslem’s money, and don’t speak falsely. Go, try to borrow (the money), and pay (it to him), and don’t seek (to do) wrong.”
گفت ای شه تو همین می‌گوییم که همی‌گویند اصحاب ستم
“O King,” he replied, “thou art saying to me the same thing as the oppressors say.”




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