How the Amír answered those neighbours

How the Amír answered those neighbours of the ascetic who interceded for him: “Why,” said he, “did he behave (so) impudently and why did he break my jug (of wine)? I will not listen to intercession in this matter, for I have sworn to punish him as he deserves.” جواب گفتن امیر مر آن شفیعان را و همسایگان زاهد را کی گستاخی چرا کرد و سبوی ما را چرا شکست من درین باب شفاعت قبول نخواهم کرد کی سوگند خورده‌ام کی سزای او را بدهم

میر گفت او کیست کو سنگی زند بر سبوی ما سبو را بشکند
The Amír said, “Who is he that he should throw a stone at my jug and break it?
چون گذر سازد ز کویم شیر نر ترس ترسان بگذرد با صد حذر
When the fierce lion passes through my quarter, he passes in great affright and with a hundred precautions.
بنده‌ی ما را چرا آزرد دل کرد ما را پیش مهمانان خجل
Why did he vex the heart of my slave and put me to shame before my guests?
شربتی که به ز خون اوست ریخت این زمان هم‌چون زنان از ما گریخت
He spilt a beverage that is better than his (own) blood, and now he has fled from me, like women.
لیک جان از دست من او کی برد گیر هم‌چون مرغ بالا بر پرد
But how shall he save his life from my hand? (Even) suppose that he flies up on high like a bird,
تیر قهر خویش بر پرش زنم پر و بال مردریگش بر کنم
I will shoot the arrow of my vengeance at his wings, I will tear out his good-for-nothing wings and feathers.
گر رود در سنگ سخت از کوششم از دل سنگش کنون بیرون کشم
If he enter the hard rock (to escape) from my pursuit, I will drag him forth from the heart of the rock just now.
من برانم بر تن او ضربتی که بود قوادکان را عبرتی
I will inflict on his body such a blow as will be a warning to base scoundrels.
با همه سالوس با ما نیز هم داد او و صد چو او این دم دهم
Hypocrisy to all and even to me! I will give him and a hundred like him their due at this moment.”
خشم خون‌خوارش شده بد سرکشی از دهانش می بر آمد آتشی
His (the Amír’s) bloodthirsty wrath had become a rebel: a fire (of rage) was coming up from his mouth.




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