How the beloved rejected the excuses

How the beloved rejected the excuses of the lover and rubbed his duplicity into him. رد کردن معشوقه عذر عاشق را و تلبیس او را در روی او مالیدن

در جوابش بر گشاد آن یار لب
کز سوی ما روز سوی تست شب
The loved one opened her lips to answer him, saying, “On my side it is day, and on thy side it is night.
حیله‌های تیره اندر داوری
پیش بینایان چرا می‌آوری
Why in contention dost thou bring forward dark evasions be fore those who see (the truth plainly)?
هر چه در دل داری از مکر و رموز
پیش ما رسواست و پیدا هم‌چو روز
To us, all the deceit and dissimulations that thou ha in thy heart are manifest and clear as day.
گر بپوشیمش ز بنده‌پروری
تو چرا بی‌رویی از حد می‌بری
If we, in kindness to our servant, cover it up, why dost thou carry shamelessness beyond the limit?
از پدر آموز که آدم در گناه
خوش فرود آمد به سوی پایگاه
Learn from thy Father; for in (the hour of) sin Adam came down willingly to the vestibule.
چون بدید آن عالم الاسرار را
بر دو پا استاد استغفار را
When he beheld that Knower of secrets, he stood up on his feet to ask forgiveness.
بر سر خاکستر انده نشست
از بهانه شاخ تا شاخی نجست
He seated himself on the ashes of contrition: he did not jump from one branch of idle pleading to another
ربنا انا ظلمنا گفت و بس
چونک جانداران بدید از پیش و پس
He said only, ‘O Lord, verily we have done wrong,’ when he saw the (angelic) life-guards in front and behind.
دید جانداران پنهان هم‌چو جان
دورباش هر یکی تا آسمان
He saw the life guards who are invisible, as the spirit is each one’s mace (reaching) to the sky.
که هلا پیش سلیمان مور باش
تا بنشکافد ترا این دورباش
Saying, ‘Hola! be (as) the ant before Solomon, lest this mace cleave thee asunder.
جز مقام راستی یک دم مه‌ایست
هیچ لالا مرد را چون چشم نیست
Do not for one moment stand (anywhere) but in the place of truth: a man hath no guardian like the (seeing) eye. 
کور اگر از پند پالوده شود
هر دمی او باز آلوده شود
(Even) if the blind man be purified by admonition, he continually becomes polluted again.
آدما تو نیستی کور از نظر
لیک اذا جاء القضا عمی البصر
O Adam, thou art not blind of vision, but when the Divine destiny comes, the sight becomes blind.’”
عمرها باید به نادر گاه‌گاه
تا که بینا از قضا افتد به چاه
Lifetimes are needed (so) rarely and occasionally (does it happen) for the seeing man to fall by destiny into the pit.
کور را خود این قضا همراه اوست
که مرورا اوفتادن طبع و خوست
As regards the blind man, this destiny in sooth is his companion on the way; for ‘tis his nature and disposition to fall.
در حدث افتد نداند بوی چیست
از منست این بوی یا ز آلودگیست
He falls into the filth and does not know what the smell is; (he asks himself), “Is this smell from me or from (my) being polluted?”
ور کسی بر وی کند مشکی نثار
هم ز خود داند نه از احسان یار
And likewise, if any one sprinkle some musk over him, he thinks it (comes) from himself and not from the kindness of his friend.
پس دو چشم روشن ای صاحب‌نظر
مر ترا صد مادرست و صد پدر
Therefore to you, O man of vision, two clear eyes are (as) a hundred mothers and a hundred fathers;
خاصه چشم دل آن هفتاد توست
وین دو چشم حس خوشه‌چین اوست
Especially the eye of the heart (the spiritual eye), which is seventy-fold and of which these two sensible eyes are (only) the gleaners.
ای دریغا ره‌زنان بنشسته‌اند
صد گره زیر زبانم بسته‌اند
Oh, alas, the highwaymen are seated (and lying in wait for me): they have tied a hundred knots beneath my tongue.
پای‌بسته چون رود خوش راهوار
بس گران بندیست این معذور دار
How should the smooth-paced horse move well, when his leg is tied? This is a very heavy chain: hold me excused!
این سخن اشکسته می‌آید دلا
کین سخن درست غیرت آسیا
These words (of mine) are coming (forth) brokenly, O heart; for these words are pearls, and (the Divine) jealousy is the mill (which breaks them);
در اگر چه خرد و اشکسته شود
توتیای دیده‌ی خسته شود
(But), though the pearls be broken into small fragments, they become tutty (collyrium) for the sore eye (of the spirit).
ای در از اشکست خود بر سر مزن
کز شکستن روشنی خواهی شدن
O pearl, do not beat thy head (in grief) at thy being broken, for through being broken thou wilt become (radiant) light.
همچنین اشکسته بسته گفتنیست
حق کند آخر درستش کو غنیست
It (the word) has to be uttered thus brokenly and in bandages: God, who is Self-sufficient, will make it whole at last.
گندم ار بشکست و از هم در سکست
بر دکان آمد که نک نان درست
If wheat is broken and torn asunder (in the mill), it appears in the (baker’s) shop, saying, “Look! a perfect loaf!”
تو هم ای عاشق چو جرمت گشت فاش
آب و روغن ترک کن اشکسته باش
“Thou too, O lover, since thy crime has become manifest, abandon water and oil (specious varnish) and be broken (contrite).
آنک فرزندان خاص آدم‌اند
نفحه‌ی انا ظلمنا می‌دمند
Those who are the elect children of Adam sigh forth (the confession), ‘verily we have done wrong.’
حاجت خود عرضه کن حجت مگو
هم‌چو ابلیس لعین سخت‌رو
Submit thy petition, do not argue like the accursed hard- faced (impudent) Iblis.
سخت‌رویی گر ورا شد عیب‌پوش
در ستیز و سخت‌رویی رو بکوش
If impudence concealed his fault, go, exert thyself in (showing) obstinacy and impudence!
آن ابوجهل از پیمبر معجزی
خواست هم‌چون کینه‌ور ترکی غزی
Abu Jahl, like a vindictive Ghuzz Turcoman, demanded a miracle from the Prophet;
لیک آن صدیق حق معجز نخواست
گفت این رو خود نگوید جز که راست
But that Siddiq of God (Abu Bakr) did not crave a miracle: he said, ‘Verily, this face speaks naught but truth.’
کی رسد هم‌چون توی را کز منی
امتحان هم‌چو من یاری کنی
How should it beseem one like thee, from egoism, to make trial of a beloved like me?”




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