How the boys made the teacher imagine

How the boys made the teacher imagine (that he was ill). در وهم افکندن کودکان اوستاد را

روز گشت و آمدند آن کودکان بر همین فکرت ز خانه تا دکان
Day broke, and those boys, (intent) on this thought, came from their homes to the shop (school).
جمله استادند بیرون منتظر تا درآید اول آن یار مصر
They all stood outside, waiting for that resolute fellow to go in first,
زانک منبع او بدست این رای را سر امام آید همیشه پای را
Because he was the source of this plan: the head is always an Imám (leader and guide) to the foot.
ای مقلد تو مجو بیشی بر آن کو بود منبع ز نور آسمان
O imitator (follower of convention and tradition), do not thou seek precedence over one who is a source of the heavenly light.
او در آمد گفت استا را سلام خیر باشد رنگ رویت زردفام
He (the boy) came in and said to the master “Salaam! I hope you are well. Your face is yellow in colour.”
گفت استا نیست رنجی مر مرا تو برو بنشین مگو یاوه هلا
The master said, “I have no ailment. Go and sit down and don’t talk nonsense, hey!”
نفی کرد اما غبار وهم بد اندکی اندر دلش ناگاه زد
He denied (it), but the dust of evil imagination suddenly struck a little (made a slight impression) upon his heart.
اندر آمد دیگری گفت این چنین اندکی آن وهم افزون شد بدین
Another (boy) came in and said the like: by this (second suggestion) that imagination was a little increased.
همچنین تا وهم او قوت گرفت ماند اندر حال خود بس در شگفت
(They continued) in like manner, until his imagination gained strength and he was left marvelling exceedingly as to his state (of health).




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