How Solomon, on whom be peace

How Solomon, on whom be peace, commanded the plaintiff gnat to bring its adversary to the court of judgement.امرکردن سلیمان علیه السلام پشه‌ی متظلم را به احضار خصم به دیوان حکم

پس سلیمان گفت ای زیبادوی امر حق باید که از جان بشنوی
Then Solomon said, “O thou with the pretty voice, it behoves thee to hearken with (all thy) soul to the command of God.
حق به من گفتست هان ای دادور مشنو از خصمی تو بی خصمی دگر
God hath said to me, ‘Beware, O Judge! Do not hear one litigant without the other litigant.
تانیاید هر دو خصم اندر حضور حق نیاید پیش حاکم در ظهور
Until both litigants come into the presence, the truth does not come to light before the judge.
خصم تنها گر بر آرد صد نفیر هان و هان بی خصم قول او مگیر
If the (one) litigant alone raise a hundred clamours, beware, beware! Do not accept his word without (hearing) his adversary.’
من نیارم رو ز فرمان تافتن خصم خود را رو بیاور سوی من
I dare not avert my face from the (Divine) command. Go, bring thy adversary before me.”
گفت قول تست برهان و درست خصم من بادست و او در حکم تست
It (the gnat) said, “Thy words are an argument (conclusive) and sound. My adversary is the Wind, and he is in thy jurisdiction.”
بانگ زد آن شه که ای باد صبا پشه افغان کرد از ظلمت بیا
The King shouted, “O East-wind, the gnat complains of thy injustice: come!
هین مقابل شو تو و خصم و بگو پاسخ خصم و بکن دفع عدو
Hark, come face to face with thy adversary and reply to thy adversary and rebut thy opponent.”
باد چون بشنید آمد تیز تیز پشه بگرفت آن زمان راه گریز
When the Wind heard (the summons), he came very rapidly: the gnat at once took to flight.
پس سلیمان گفت ای پشه کجا باش تا بر هر دو رانم من قضا
Then Solomon said, “O gnat, where (art thou going)? Stop, that I may pass judgement on (you) both.”
گفت ای شه مرگ من از بود اوست خود سیاه این روز من از دود اوست
It (the gnat) answered, “O King, my death is from his being: verily, this day of mine is black from his smoke.
او چو آمد من کجا یابم قرار کو بر آرد از نهاد من دمار
Since he has come, where shall I find rest? for he wrings the (vital) breath out of my body.”
همچنین جویای درگاه خدا چون خدا آمد شود جوینده لا
Even such is the seeker of the Court of God: when God comes, the seeker is naughted.
گرچه آن وصلت بقا اندر بقاست لیک ز اول آن بقا اندر فناست
Although that union (with God) is immortality on immortality, yet at first that immortality (baqá) consists in dying to self (faná).
سایه‌هایی که بود جویای نور نیست گردد چون کند نورش ظهور
The reflexions that are seeking the Light are naughted when His Light appears.
عقل کی ماند چو باشد سرده او کل شیء هالک الا وجهه
How should the reason remain when He bids it go?Everything is perishing except His Face.
هالک آید پیش وجهش هست و نیست هستی اندر نیستی خود طرفه‌ایست
Before His Face the existent and the non-existent perish: existence in nonexistence is in sooth a marvellous thing!
اندرین محضر خردها شد ز دست چون قلم اینجا رسیده شد شکست
In this place of presence (all) minds are lost beyond control; when the pen reaches this point, it breaks.




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