How the fox approached

How the fox approached the runaway ass a second time in order to beguile him once more. دوم بار آمدن روبه بر این خر گریخته تا باز بفریبدش

پس بیامد زود روبه سوی خر گفت خر از چون تو یاری الحذر
Then the fox came quickly towards the ass: the ass said, “One must beware of a friend like you.
ناجوامردا چه کردم من ترا که به پیش اژدها بردی مرا
Ignoble creature, what did I do to you that you brought me into the presence of a dragon?
موجب کین تو با جانم چه بود غیر خبث جوهر تو ای عنود
What but the malignity of your nature was the cause of your enmity to my life, O perverse one?”
هم‌چو کزدم کو گزد پای فتی نارسیده از وی او را زحمتی
Like the scorpion, which bites a man’s foot though no inconvenience has come to it from him,
یا چو دیوی کو عدوی جان ماست نارسیده زحمتش از ما و کاست
Or like the Devil who is the enemy of our souls, though no inconvenience or injury has befallen him from us;
بلک طبعا خصم جان آدمیست از هلاک آدمی در خرمیست
Nay, but he is naturally the adversary of the human soul and rejoices at the destruction of Man;
از پی هر آدمی او نسکلد خو و طبع زشت خود او کی هلد
He never breaks off his pursuit of any human being: how should he abandon his wicked disposition and nature?
زانک خبث ذات او بی‌موجبی هست سوی ظلم و عدوان جاذبی
For, without any cause, his essential malignity pulls him on to (commit) injustice and tyranny.
هر زمان خواند ترا تا خرگهی که در اندازد ترا اندر چهی
He continually invites thee to a spacious tent in order that he may cast thee into a pit,
که فلان جا حوض آبست و عیون تا در اندازد به حوضت سرنگون
Saying, “In such and such a place there is a tank of water and (many) fountains,” that he may cast thee headlong into the tank.
آدمی را با همه وحی و نظر اندر افکند آن لعین در شور و شر
That accursed one caused an Adam, notwithstanding all his inspiration and insight, to fall into woe and bane,
بی‌گناهی بی‌گزند سابقی که رسد او را ز آدم ناحقی
Without any sin (having been committed against him) and without any previous harm having been wrongfully done to him by Adam.
گفت روبه آن طلسم سحر بود که ترا در چشم آن شیری نمود
The fox replied, “It was a spell of magic that appeared in your eyes as a lion;
ورنه من از تو به تن مسکین‌ترم که شب و روز اندر آنجا می‌چرم
Else I am more puny in body than you, and I always feed there by night and day.
گرنه زان گونه طلسمی ساختی هر شکم‌خواری بدانجا تاختی
If he (the magician) had not wrought a spell of that kind, every famishing (animal) would have run thither.
یک جهان بی‌نوا پر پیل و ارج بی‌طلسمی کی بماندی سبز مرج
(In) a foodless world full of elephants and rhinoceroses how should the meadow have remained verdant without (the protection of) a spell?
من ترا خود خواستم گفتن به درس که چنان هولی اگر بینی مترس
Truly, I meant to tell you, by way of instruction, not to be afraid if you should see a terrible thing like that;
لیک رفت از یاد علم آموزیت که بدم مستغرق دلسوزیت
But I forgot to impart (this) knowledge to you, because I was overwhelmed with grief and pity on your account.
دیدمت در جوع کلب و بی‌نوا می‌شتابیدم که آیی تا دوا
I saw you were ravenously hungry and without food, (therefore) I was making haste so that you might attain to the remedy;
ورنه با تو گفتمی شرح طلسم که آن خیالی می‌نماید نیست جسم
Otherwise I would have explained the spell to you: it (the lion) presents itself as an apparition, it is not a (real) body.”




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