Puellam risus occupat propter libidinem Klalífae

Puellam risus occupat propter libidinem Klalífae debilem et libidinem illius ducis validissimam. Khalífa puellae risum animadvertit. [How laughter took hold of the maidservant because of the weakness of the Caliph’s lust and the strength of the captain’s lust, and how the Caliph understood the maidservant’s laughter.] خنده گرفتن آن کنیزک را از ضعف شهوت خلیفه و قوت شهوت آن امیر و فهم کردن خلیفه از خنده‌ی کنیزک

زن بدید آن سستی او از شگفت آمد اندر قهقهه خنده‌ش گرفت
Femina languorem ejus vidit; rem mirando in cachinnos ivit: risus eam occupavit. [The woman saw his softness; from astonishment, she started to burst out laughing: laughter took hold of her.]
یادش آمد مردی آن پهلوان که بکشت او شیر و اندامش چنان
Venit in mentem virilatas ducis fortissimi qui leonem interfecit dum membrum (virile) ejus tale est. [She remembered the virility of the (courageous) Captain who killed the lion, with his (male) organ like that.]
غالب آمد خنده‌ی زن شد دراز جهد می‌کرد و نمی‌شد لب فراز
The woman’s laughter overpowered (her) and was prolonged: she tried hard (to suppress it) but her lips would not shut.
سخت می‌خندید هم‌چون بنگیان غالب آمد خنده بر سود و زیان
She kept laughing violently like beng-eaters: her laughter overpowered (all considerations of) gain or loss.
هرچه اندیشید خنده می‌فزود هم‌چو بند سیل ناگاهان گشود
Everything that she thought of (only) increased her laughter, as (when) a flood-gate is suddenly opened.
گریه و خنده غم و شادی دل هر یکی را معدنی دان مستقل
Weeping and laughter and sorrow and joy of heart know that each one (of them) has an independent source.
هر یکی را مخزنی مفتاح آن ای برادر در کف فتاح دان
Each one has a (particular) store-house: know, O brother, that the key thereof is in the hand of the Opener.
هیچ ساکن می‌نشد آن خنده زو پس خلیفه طیره گشت و تندخو
Her laughter was never ceasing: then the Caliph became enraged and fierce.
زود شمشیر از غلافش بر کشید گفت سر خنده واگو ای پلید
He quickly drew his scimitar from its sheath and said, “Declare the secret cause of thy laughter, O foul (woman)!
در دلم زین خنده ظنی اوفتاد راستی گو عشوه نتوانیم داد
From this laughter a suspicion has come into my heart: tell the truth, thou canst not cajole me.
ور خلاف راستی بفریبیم یا بهانه‌ی چرب آری تو به دم
And if thou deceive me with falsehoods or idly utter glib excuses,
من بدانم در دل من روشنیست بایدت گفتن هر آنچ گفتنیست
I shall know, (for) there is light in my heart: thou must tell everything that ought to be told.
در دل شاهان تو ماهی دان سطبر گرچه گه گه شد ز غفلت زیر ابر
Know that in the heart of kings there is a mighty moon, though sometimes it is overclouded by forgetfulness.
یک چراغی هست در دل وقت گشت وقت خشم و حرص آید زیر طشت
In the heart there is a lamp with which one goes about (as a rule); at times of anger and concupiscence it is put under the basin.
آن فراست این زمان یار منست گر نگویی آنچ حق گفتنست
That clairvoyance accompanies me just now: unless thou tell that which ’tis thy duty to tell, 
من بدین شمشیر برم گردنت سود نبود خود بهانه کردنت
I will sever thy neck with this scimitar: evasion will not avail thee at all.
ور بگویی راست آزادت کنم حق یزدان نشکنم شادت کنم
And if thou tell the truth, I will set thee free: I will not violate the duty I owe to God, I will make thee glad.”
هفت مصحف آن زمان برهم نهاد خورد سوگند و چنین تقریر داد
At the same moment he placed seven Qur’áns one on the top of another and swore an oath and thus confirmed (his promise).




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