How the people (of Sabá) repeated their resistance

How the people (of Sabá) repeated their resistance to the (prophets’) hope (of converting them and set themselves) against the prophets, on whom be peace. مکرر کردن قوم اعتراض ترجیه بر انبیا علیهم‌السلام

قوم گفتند از شما سعد خودیت نحس مایید و ضدیت و مرتدیت
The people (of Sabá) said, “If ye bring good luck to yourselves, ye are ill-starred for us and are opposed (to us) and rejected (by us).
جان ما فارغ بد از اندیشه‌ها در غم افکندید ما را و عنا
Our souls were free from cares: ye have cast us into grief and trouble.
ذوق جمعیت که بود و اتفاق شد ز فال زشتتان صد افتراق
Through your evil presage the delightful concord and agreement that existed (amongst us) has been turned into a hundred separations.
طوطی نقل شکر بودیم ما مرغ مرگ‌اندیش گشتیم از شما
(Formerly) we were parrots eating sugar for dessert; (now) through you we have become birds that meditate on death.
هر کجا افسانه‌ی غم‌گستریست هر کجا آوازه‌ی مستنکریست
Wheresoever is a grief-spreading tale, wheresoever is an odious rumour,
هر کجا اندر جهان فال بذست هر کجا مسخی نکالی ماخذست
Wheresoever in the world is an evil presage, wheresoever is a monstrous transformation, a terrible punishment, an infliction of chastisement.
در مثال قصه و فال شماست در غم‌انگیزی شما را مشتهاست
(All those things) are (contained) in the parable of your story and in your evil presage: ye have an appetite for rousing grief.”




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