How the Prophet-God bless

How the Prophet-God bless and save him! perceived that the cause of that person’s sickness was irreverence in prayer. دانستن پیغامبر صلی الله علیه و آله که سبب رنجوری آن شخص گستاخی بوده است در دعا

چون پیمبر دید آن بیمار را
خوش نوازش کرد یار غار را
When the Prophet saw the sick man, he dealt sweetly and tenderly with that familiar friend.
زنده شد او چون پیمبر را بدید
گوییا آن دم مر او را آفرید
He became alive when he saw the Prophet: you might say, that moment created him.
گفت بیماری مرا این بخت داد
کامد این سلطان بر من بامداد
He said, “Sickness has given me this good fortune, that this Sultan has come to my side at morn,
تا مرا صحت رسید و عاقبت
از قدوم این شه بی‏حاشیت‏
So that health and well-being have accrued to me from the arrival of this King who is without retinue.
ای خجسته رنج و بیماری و تب
ای مبارک درد و بیداری شب‏
O happy pain and sickness and fever! O blessed anguish and wakefulness in the night!
نک مرا در پیری از لطف و کرم
حق چنین رنجوریی داد و سقم‏
Lo, in (my) old age God of His grace and bounty hath bestowed on me such a sickness and malady!
درد پشتم داد هم تا من ز خواب
بر جهم هر نیم شب لا بد شتاب‏
He too hath given me pain in the back, so that every midnight I cannot help springing up quickly from sleep.
تا نخسبم جمله شب چون گاومیش
دردها بخشید حق از لطف خویش‏
In order that I may not slumber all night like a buffalo, God of His grace hath given me pains.
زین شکست آن رحم شاهان جوش کرد
دوزخ از تهدید من خاموش کرد
Through this infirmity the mercy of Kings has been aroused, and Hell’s threatening of me has been silenced.”
رنج گنج آمد که رحمتها در اوست
مغز تازه شد چو بخراشید پوست‏
Pain is a treasure, for there are mercies in it: the kernel becomes fresh when you scrape off the rind.
ای برادر موضع تاریک و سرد
صبر کردن بر غم و سستی و درد
O brother, (to dwell in) a dark and cold place, to endure patiently sorrow and weakness and pain,
چشمه‏ی حیوان و جام مستی است
کان بلندیها همه در پستی است‏
Is the Fountain of Life and the cup of (spiritual) intoxication, for those heights are all in lowliness.
آن بهاران مضمر است اندر خزان
در بهار است آن خزان مگریز از آن‏
That Spring is implied in autumn, and that autumn is (fulfilled) in the Spring: do not flee from it.
همره غم باش و با وحشت بساز
می‏طلب در مرگ خود عمر دراز
Be a fellow-traveller with grief, agree with desolation, seek long (lasting) life in thy death (to self).
آن چه گوید نفس تو کاینجا بد است
مشنوش چون کار او ضد آمده ست‏
Do not listen to what thy fleshly soul says, that this place (of self-mortification) is bad, inasmuch as her doings are contrary (to thy spiritual advancement).
تو خلافش کن که از پیغمبران
این چنین آمد وصیت در جهان‏
Do thou oppose her, for such (is the) injunction (that) has come from the prophets in the world.
مشورت در کارها واجب شود
تا پشیمانی در آخر کم بود
It becomes necessary to take counsel concerning things to be done, so that there may not be repentance in the end.
گفت امت مشورت با کی کنیم
انبیا گفتند با عقل امیم‏
The community said, “With whom shall we take counsel?” The prophets answered, “With intellect, (which is) the Imám (leader).”
گفت گر کودک در آید یا زنی
کاو ندارد عقل و رای روشنی‏
He (the questioner) said, “(But) if a child should come in, or a woman who has no clear understanding or judgement.”
گفت با او مشورت کن و انچه گفت
تو خلاف آن کن و در راه افت‏
“Take counsel with her,” said he (the prophet), “and do the contrary of what she bids (thee), and go thy way.”
نفس خود را زن شناس از زن بتر
ز انکه زن جزوی است نفست کل شر
Know that your fleshly soul is woman and worse than woman, because woman is a part (of evil), but your fleshly soul is evil entire.
مشورت با نفس خود گر می‏کنی
هر چه گوید کن خلاف آن دنی‏
If you take counsel with your fleshly soul, oppose that vile one (in) whatsoever she may say.
گر نماز و روزه می‏فرمایدت
نفس مکار است مکری زایدت‏
If she bid you pray and fast-the fleshly soul is a great plotter, she will bring some plot against you to birth.
مشورت با نفس خویش اندر فعال
هر چه گوید عکس آن باشد کمال‏
(When you take) counsel with your fleshly soul concerning (your) actions whatsoever she tells (you to do), the reverse of that is perfectly right.
بر نیایی با وی و استیز او
رو بر یاری بگیر آمیز او
(If) you cannot cope with her and her contumacy, go to a friend and mix with him.
عقل قوت گیرد از عقل دگر
نی شکر کامل شود از نیشکر
Mind gains strength from another mind: the sugar-cane is made perfect by the sugar-cane.
من ز مکر نفس دیدم چیزها
کاو برد از سحر خود تمییزها
I have seen (wondrous) things (arising) from the deceitfulness of the fleshly soul, for by her magic she takes away the faculties of discernment.
وعده‏ها بدهد ترا تازه به دست
که هزاران بار آنها را شکست‏
She will proffer afresh to you promises that she has broken thousands of times.
عمر اگر صد سال خود مهلت دهد
اوت هر روزی بهانه‏ی نو نهد
If your life be prolonged even for a hundred years, she will lay before you a new pretext every day.
گرم گوید وعده‏های سرد را
جادویی مردی ببندد مرد را
She utters cold (vain) promises (as though) warm (from the heart); (she is) a witch, she ties up the manhood of a man.
ای ضیاء الحق حسام الدین بیا
که نروید بی‏تو از شوره گیا
O (thou who art the) radiance of God, Husámu’ddín, come! for without thee no herbs will grow from the brackish soil.
از فلک آویخته شد پرده‏ای
از پی نفرین دل آزرده‏ای‏
A curtain has been let down from heaven because of the curse of one whose heart is sorely vexed.
این قضا را هم قضا داند علاج
عقل خلقان در قضا گیج است گیج‏
This destiny only the (Divine) destiny can cure: the understanding of His creatures is stunned at His destiny, stunned. 
اژدها گشته ست آن مار سیاه
آن که کرمی بود افتاده به راه‏
The black serpent that was (as) a worm fallen on the road has become a dragon;
اژدها و مار اندر دست تو
شد عصا ای جان موسی مست تو
(But) in thy hand, O thou with (love for) whom the soul of Moses is intoxicated, the dragon or serpent became (as) the rod (in the hand of Moses).
حکم خذها لا تخف دادت خدا
تا به دستت اژدها گردد عصا
God gave thee command, saying, “Take it; fear not, so that the dragon may become a rod in thy hand.”
هین ید بیضا نما ای پادشاه
صبح نو بگشا ز شبهای سیاه‏
Hark, show the white hand, O King: out of the black nights reveal a new dawn!
دوزخی افروخت در وی دم فسون
ای دم تو از دم دریا فزون‏
A hell hath blazed forth; breathe (thy) enchantment over it, O thou whose breath is more (excellent) than the breath of the sea.
بحر مکار است بنموده کفی
دوزخ است از مکر بنموده تفی‏
She (the fleshly soul) is the guileful sea that shows (but) a (little) foam; she is the hell that from guile shows (but) a (little) heat.
ز آن نماید مختصر در چشم تو
تا زبون بینیش جنبد خشم تو
She appears exiguous in your eyes, to the end that you may regard her as feeble and that your wrath may be stirred (against her);
همچنان که لشکر انبوه بود
مر پیمبر را به چشم اندک نمود
Even as there was a dense host (of infidels), (but) to the Prophet’s eye it seemed small,
تا بر ایشان زد پیمبر بی‏خطر
ور فزون دیدی از آن کردی حذر
So that the Prophet set upon them without (fear of) the danger; but if he had deemed (them) more (in number), he would have acted cautiously in that (affair).
آن عنایت بود و اهل آن بدی
احمدا ور نه تو بد دل می‏شدی‏
That was the Divine favour, and thou wert worthy of it, O Ahmad (Mohammed); else, thou wouldst have become faint-hearted.
کم نمود او را و اصحاب و را
آن جهاد ظاهر وباطن خدا
God caused the outward and inward warfare to seem little to him and his Companions,
تا میسر کرد یسری را بر او
تا ز عسری او بگردانید رو
In order that He might make it easy for him to gain ease (success), and that he might turn away his face from difficulty (unsuccess).
کم نمودن مر و را پیروز بود
که حقش یار و طریق آموز بود
For him, (God’s) causing (the warfare) to seem little was victory, since God was his friend and taught him the way.
آن که حق پشتش نباشد از ظفر
وای اگر گربش نماید شیر نر
(But) he that hath not God for his victorious support, alas if the fierce lion seem to him a cat.
وای اگر صدرا یکی بیند ز دور
تا به چالش اندر آید از غرور
Alas if from afar he see a hundred as one, so that in vain confidence he enters on the fray.
ز آن نماید ذو الفقاری حربه‏ای
ز آن نماید شیر نر چون گربه‏ای‏
He (God) causes a Prophet’s sword to seem a dart and makes the fierce lion appear as a cat,
تا دلیر اندر فتد احمق به جنگ
و اندر آردشان بدین حیلت به چنگ‏
To the end that the fool may fall boldly to fighting, and that He may catch them by this device;
تا به پای خویش باشند آمده
آن فلیوان جانب آتش‏کده‏
(And besides He is acting thus), in order that those dolts may have come towards the fire-temple by means of their own feet (by their own free will).
کاه برگی می‏نماید تا تو زود
پف کنی کاو را برانی از وجود
He is showing (what seems to you) a blade of straw, in order that you may quickly give a puff so as to make it vanish out of existence.
هین که آن که کوهها بر کنده است
زو جهان گریان و او در خنده است‏
Beware! for that straw has uprooted mountains: through it the world is weeping, while it (the straw) is in laughter.
می‏نماید تا به کعب این آب جو
صد چو عاج ابن عنق شد غرق او
He makes this river-water seem (only) up to the ankle, (but) a hundred such as Áj son of ‘Anaq have been drowned therein.
می‏نماید موج خونش تل مشک
می‏نماید قعر دریا خاک خشک‏
He makes the wave of blood seem to him a mound of musk: He makes the bottom of the sea seem dry land.
خشک دید آن بحر را فرعون کور
تا در او راند از سر مردی و زور
Blind Pharaoh deemed that sea dry, so that in (the pride of his) manhood and strength he drave into it.
چون در آید در تگ دریا بود
دیده‏ی فرعون کی بینا بود
When he enters (it), he is at the bottom of the sea: how should the eye of Pharaoh be seeing?
دیده بینا از لقای حق شود
حق کجا هم راز هر احمق شود
The eye is made seeing by meeting with God: how should God become the confidant of every fool?
قند بیند خود شود زهر قتول
راه بیند خود بود آن بانگ غول‏
He (the fool) sees (what he thinks is) candy: it is, in sooth, deadly poison; he sees (what he thinks is) the road: it is, in sooth, the cry of the ghoul (luring him to destruction).
ای فلک در فتنه‏ی آخر زمان
تیز می‏گردی بده آخر زمان‏
O sky, in the tribulation of (these) latter days thou art revolving swiftly; pray, give (us) time (respite and relief).
خنجر تیزی تو اندر قصد ما
نیش زهر آلوده‏ای در فصد ما
Thou art a keen dagger to assail us; thou art a poisoned lancet to bleed us.
ای فلک از رحم حق آموز رحم
بر دل موران مزن چون مار زخم‏
O sky, learn mercy from the Mercy of God: do not, like a snake, inflict wounds on the hearts of ants.
حق آن که چرخه‏ی چرخ ترا
کرد گردان بر فراز این سرا
By the truth of Him who hath set the wheel of thy sphere turning above this (earthly) abode,
که دگرگون گردی و رحمت کنی
پیش از آن که بیخ ما را بر کنی‏
(We beseech thee to) revolve in another wise and show mercy, ere thou uproot us.
حق آن که دایگی کردی نخست
تا نهال ما ز آب و خاک رست‏
(We beseech thee by) the truth of thy having fostered us at first, so that our (young) shoot grew up from (the nurture given by) water and earth;
حق آن شه که ترا صاف آفرید
کرد چندان مشعله در تو پدید
By the truth of that King who created thee pure and displayed so many cressets in thee,
آن چنان معمور و باقی داشتت
تا که دهری از ازل پنداشتت‏
Who hath kept thee so flourishing and lasting that the materialist hath thought thee (existent) from eternity.
شکر دانستیم آغاز ترا
انبیا گفتند آن راز ترا
Thanks (to God), we have come to know thy beginning: the prophets have told that secret of thine.
آدمی داند که خانه حادث است
عنکبوتی نه که در وی عابث است‏
A man knows that a house is made (at some time or other); the spider which plays idly in it (knows) not (this).
پشه کی داند که این باغ از کی است
کاو بهاران زاد و مرگش در دی است‏
How should the gnat know of what date this garden is? for ‘twas born in spring, and its death is in the (following) winter.
کرم کاندر چوب زاید سست حال
کی بداند چوب را وقت نهال‏
The worm that is born miserably in (dry) wood how should it know the wood at the time when it was a (sappy) shoot?
ور بداند کرم از ماهیتش
عقل باشد کرم باشد صورتش‏
And if the worm should know (this), it would be intellect in its essential substance; the worm would be (only) its (outward) form.
عقل خود را می‏نماید رنگها
چون پری دور است از آن فرسنگ‏ها
Intellect shows itself (in many) guises, (but) like the Jinn is leagues removed from them (in its real nature).
از ملک بالاست چه جای پری
تو مگس پری به پستی می‏پری‏
It is above the angels what occasion is there for (comparing it with) the Jinn? (But) you have the wings of a gnat, you are flying downwards.
گر چه عقلت سوی بالا می‏پرد
مرغ تقلیدت به پستی می‏چرد
Although your intellect is flying upward, the bird of your conventional notions is feeding below.
علم تقلیدی وبال جان ماست
عاریه ست و ما نشسته کان ماست‏
Conventional knowledge is the bane of our souls; it is a borrowed thing, but we rest (at ease in the belief) that it is ours.
زین خرد جاهل همی باید شدن
دست در دیوانگی باید زدن‏
It behoves us to become ignorant of this (worldly) wisdom; (rather) must we clutch at madness.
هر چه بینی سود خود ز آن می‏گریز
زهر نوش و آب حیوان را بریز
Always flee from whatever you deem profitable to your (lower) self: drink poison and spill the water of life.
هر که بستاند ترا دشنام ده
سود و سرمایه به مفلس وام ده‏
Revile any one that praises you: lend (both) interest and capital to the destitute.
ایمنی بگذار و جای خوف باش
بگذر از ناموس و رسوا باش و فاش‏
Let safety go, and dwell in the place of fear (danger): leave reputation behind and be disgraced and notorious.
آزمودم عقل دور اندیش را
بعد از این دیوانه سازم خویش را
I have tried far-thinking (provident) intellect; henceforth I will make myself mad.




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