How those candles now became seven trees

How those candles now became seven trees. باز شدن آن شمعها هفت درخت

باز هر یک مرد شد شکل درخت چشمم از سبزی ایشان نیکبخت
Then each man assumed the shape of a tree: my eye was happy in their greenery.
زانبهی برگ پیدا نیست شاخ برگ هم گم گشته از میوه‌ی فراخ
On account of the denseness of the leaves no boughs were visible; the leaves too had become scant (had almost vanished) on account of the plenteous fruit.
هر درختی شاخ بر سدره زده سدره چه بود از خلا بیرون شده
Every tree had thrown its boughs above the Sidra: what of the Sidra? They had reached beyond the Void.
بیخ هر یک رفته در قعر زمین زیرتر از گاو و ماهی بد یقین
The root of each (tree) had gone (down) into the bottom of the earth: assuredly it was lower than the Ox and the Fish.
بیخشان از شاخ خندان‌روی‌تر عقل از آن اشکالشان زیر و زبر
Their roots were more smiling of face than the boughs: the intellect (was turned) upside down (confused and bewildered) by their shapes.
میوه‌ای که بر شکافیدی ز زور همچو آب از میوه جستی برق نور
From the fruit that was bursting forcibly flashes of light would spurt forth, like juice.




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