How the ambassador of Rúm came

How the ambassador of Rúm came to the Commander of the Faithful, ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, and witnessed the gifts of grace with which ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, was endowed آمدن رسول روم تا امیرالمؤمنین عمر رضی‌الله عنه

تا عمر آمد ز قیصر یک رسول
در مدینه از بیابان نغول‌‌
To ‘Umar in Medina there came through the wide desert an ambassador from the Emperor of Rúm.
گفت کو قصر خلیفه ای حشم
تا من اسب و رخت را آن جا کشم‌‌
He said, “O ye attendants, where is the palace of the Caliph, that I may take thither my horse and baggage?”
قوم گفتندش که او را قصر نیست
مر عمر را قصر، جان روشنی است‌‌
The folk said to him, “He has no palace: ‘Umar’s (only) palace is an illumined spirit.
گر چه از میری و را آوازه‌‌ای است
همچو درویشان مر او را کازه‌‌ای است‌‌
Though he has a (great) renown from being Commander (of the Faithful), he has (no dwelling except) a hut, like the poor.
ای برادر چون ببینی قصر او
چون که در چشم دلت رسته ست مو
O brother, how wilt thou behold his palace, when hair has grown in the eye of thy heart?
چشم دل از مو و علت پاک آر
و آن گهان دیدار قصرش چشم دار
Purge thy heart’s eye of hair and defect, and then hope to behold his palace.
هر که را هست از هوسها جان پاک
زود بیند حضرت و ایوان پاک‌‌
Whoever hath a spirit purged of (sensual) desires will at once behold the Presence and the Holy Porch.
چون محمد پاک شد زین نار و دود
هر کجا رو کرد وجه الله بود
When Mohammed was purged of this fire and smoke (of human passions), wheresoever he turned his face, was the Face of Allah.
چون رفیقی وسوسه‌‌ی بد خواه را
کی بدانی ثم وجه الله را
Inasmuch as thou art a friend to the evil suggestions of the malign one (Satan), how wilt thou know (the true meaning of) There is the Face of Allah?
هر که را باشد ز سینه فتح باب
او ز هر شهری ببیند آفتاب‌‌
Every one in whose breast the gate is opened will behold from every city the sun (shining).
حق پدید است از میان دیگران
همچو ماه اندر میان اختران‌‌
God is manifest amongst others as the moon amidst the stars.
دو سر انگشت بر دو چشم نه
هیچ بینی از جهان انصاف ده‌‌
Lay two finger-ends on thy two eyes, and wilt thou see aught of the world? Deal justly (confess that thou wilt see nothing).
گر نبینی این جهان معدوم نیست
عیب جز ز انگشت نفس شوم نیست‌‌
If thou dost not see this world, (yet) it is not non-existent: the fault lies not save in the finger of thy evil self.
تو ز چشم انگشت را بردار هین
و آن گهانی هر چه می‌‌خواهی ببین‌‌
Come, lift the finger from thine eye, and then behold whatsoever thou wishest.
نوح را گفتند امت کو ثواب
گفت او ز آن سوی و استغشوا ثیاب‌‌
To Noah his people said, ‘Where is the Divine recompense?’ He said, ‘On the other side of they cover themselves with their garments.
رو و سر در جامه‌‌ها پیچیده‌‌اید
لا جرم با دیده و نادیده‌‌اید
Ye have wrapped your faces and heads in your clothes: of necessity ye have eyes and see not.’
آدمی دید است و باقی پوست است
دید آن است آن که دید دوست است‌‌
Man is eye, and (all) the rest is (worthless) skin: the sight of that (eye) is (consists in) seeing the Beloved. 
چون که دید دوست نبود کور به
دوست کاو باقی نباشد دور به‌‌
When there is not sight of the Beloved, it (the eye) is better blind; the beloved who is not everlasting is better afar (away and out of sight).”
چون رسول روم این الفاظ تر
در سماع آورد شد مشتاق‌‌تر
When the ambassador of Rúm admitted these fresh (spiritual) words into his hearing (gave ear to them), he became more full of longing.
دیده را بر جستن عمر گماشت
رخت را و اسب را ضایع گذاشت‌‌
He fixed his eye on seeking ‘Umar, he let his baggage and horse be lost.
هر طرف اندر پی آن مرد کار
می‌‌شدی پرسان او دیوانه‌‌وار
He was going in every direction after that man of (great) accomplishment, inquiring madly for him,
کاین چنین مردی بود اندر جهان
وز جهان مانند جان باشد نهان‌‌
Saying, “Can there be in the world such a man, and he be hid, like the spirit, from the world?”
جست او را تاش چون بنده بود
لا جرم جوینده یابنده بود
He sought him, that he might be as a slave to him: inevitably the seeker is a finder.
دید اعرابی زنی او را دخیل
گفت عمر نک به زیر آن نخیل‌‌
An Arab woman of the desert saw that he was a stranger-guest. “Look,” said she, “there is ‘Umar under that palm.
زیر خرما بن ز خلقان او جدا
زیر سایه خفته بین سایه‌‌ی خدا
There he is under the palm-tree, apart from the people: behold the Shadow of God asleep in the shade!”
یافتن رسول روم امیرالمؤمنین عمر را رضی‌الله عنه خفته به زیر درخت
How the ambassador of Rúm found the Commander of the Faithful, ‘Umar, may God be well-pleased with him, sleeping under the tree
آمد او آن جا و از دور ایستاد
مر عمر را دید و در لرز اوفتاد
He came thither and stood afar off; he saw ‘Umar and fell a-trembling.
هیبتی ز آن خفته آمد بر رسول
حالتی خوش کرد بر جانش نزول‌‌
An awe came upon the ambassador from that slumbering man, a sweet ecstasy lodged in his soul.
مهر و هیبت هست ضد همدگر
این دو ضد را دید جمع اندر جگر
Love and awe are contrary to each other: he saw these two contraries united in his heart.
گفت با خود من شهان را دیده‌‌ام
پیش سلطانان مه و بگزیده‌‌ام‌‌
He said to himself: “I have seen (many) kings, I have been great (in esteem) and chosen (for honour) in the presence of sultans:
از شهانم هیبت و ترسی نبود
هیبت این مرد هوشم را ربود
I had no awe or dread of kings, (but) awe of this man has robbed me of my wits.
رفته‌‌ام در بیشه‌‌ی شیر و پلنگ
روی من ز یشان نگردانید رنگ‌‌
I have gone into a jungle of lions and leopards, and my face did not change colour because of them;
بس شده‌‌ستم در مصاف و کارزار
همچو شیر آن دم که باشد کار زار
Often where the ranks are arrayed on the field of battle have I become (fierce) as a lion at the time when the affair is grievous (desperate);
بس که خوردم بس زدم زخم گران
دل قوی تر بوده‌‌ام از دیگران‌‌
Many a heavy blow have I suffered and inflicted, I have been stouter in heart than (all) the others.
بی‌‌سلاح این مرد خفته بر زمین
من به هفت اندام لرزان چیست این‌‌
This man is asleep on the earth, unarmed, (and yet) I am trembling in my seven limbs (my whole body): what is this?
هیبت حق است این از خلق نیست
هیبت این مرد صاحب دلق نیست‌‌
This is awe of God, it is not from created beings, it is not awe of this man who wears the frock of a dervish.
هر که ترسید از حق و تقوی گزید
ترسد از وی جن و انس و هر که دید
Whoever is afraid of God and has chosen fear of God (as his religion), the Jinn and mankind and every one who sees (him) are afraid of him.”
اندر این فکرت به حرمت دست بست
بعد یک ساعت عمر از خواب جست‌‌
Thus meditating, he folded his hands reverently. After a while ‘Umar sprang up from sleep.




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