How Yahyá, on whom be peace

How Yahyá, on whom be peace

How Yahyá, on whom be peace, in his mother’s womb bowed in worship to the Messiah (Jesus), on whom be peace. سجده کردن یحیی علیه السلام در شکم مادر مسیح را علیه السلام

مادر یحیی به مریم در نهفت
پیشتر از وضع حمل خویش گفت‏
The mother of Yahyá, before disburdening herself (of him), said in secret to Mary,
که یقین دیدم درون تو شهی است
کاو اولو العزم و رسول آگهی است‏
“I see (it) with certainty, within thee is a King who is possessed of firm purpose and is an Apostle endowed with knowledge (of God).
چون برابر اوفتادم با تو من
کرد سجده حمل من اندر زمن‏
When I happened to meet thee, my burden (the unborn child) bowed in worship, O intelligent one.
این جنین مر آن جنین را سجده کرد
کز سجودش در تنم افتاد درد
This embryo bowed in worship to that embryo, so that pain arose in my body from its bowing.”
گفت مریم من درون خویش هم
سجده‏ای دیدم از این طفل شکم‏
Mary said, “I also felt within me a bowing performed by this babe in the womb.”




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