In exposition of the following Verse

In exposition of the following Verse: “and as for those in whose hearts is a disease, it (each new Súra of the Qur’án) added unto their uncleanness (wicked unbelief)”; and of His Word: “thereby He letteth many be led astray, and thereby He letteth many be guided aright.” در تفسیر این آیت کی و اما الذین فی قلوبهم مرض فزادتهم رجسا و قوله یضل به کثیرا و یهدی به کثیرا

زانک استعداد تبدیل و نبرد
بودش از پستی و آن را فوت کرد
(The bestial man is the lowest of the low) because he possessed the capacity for transforming himself and striving (to escape) from lowness, but (afterwards) lost it.
باز حیوان را چو استعداد نیست
عذر او اندر بهیمی روشنیست
Again, since the animal does not possess (that) capacity, its excusability (for remaining) in the bestial state is a thing (most) evident.
زو چو استعداد شد کان رهبرست
هر غذایی کو خورد مغز خرست
When the capacity, which is the guide (to salvation), is gone from him, every nutriment that he eats is the brain of an ass.
گر بلادر خورد او افیون شود
سکته و بی‌عقلیش افزون شود
If he eats anacardium, it becomes (acts upon him as) opium: his apoplexy and dementia are increased.
ماند یک قسم دگر اندر جهاد
نیم حیوان نیم حی با رشاد
There remains another sort (of men: they are engaged) in warfare: (they are) half animal, half (spiritually) alive and endowed with good guidance.
روز و شب در جنگ و اندر کش‌مکش
کرده چالیش آخرش با اولش
Day and night in strife and mutual struggle, his (such a one’s) last (state) battles with his first.




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