On making trial of everything

On making trial of everything, so that the good and evil which are in it may be brought to view. امتحان هر چیزی تا ظاهر شود خیر و شری که در وی است‏

اندر این گردون مکرر کن نظر
ز انکه حق فرمود ثم ارجع بصر
Contemplate the sky repeatedly, for God hath said, Then turn thy gaze again (towards it).
یک نظر قانع مشو زین سقف نور
بارها بنگر ببین هل من فطور
As regards this roof of light, be not content with one look: look (many) times, see, Are there any flaws?
چون که گفتت کاندر این سقف نکو
بارها بنگر چو مرد عیب جو
Since He hath told you to look ofttimes at this goodly roof, as a man seeking faults,
پس زمین تیره را دانی که چند
دیدن و تمییز باید در پسند
You may know, then, how much seeing and discerning the dark earth needs, to gain approval.
تا بپالاییم صافان را ز درد
چند باید عقل ما را رنج برد
In order that we may strain the pure (folk) from the dregs, how much tribulation must our minds endure!
امتحانهای زمستان و خزان
تاب تابستان بهار همچو جان‏
The trials of winter and autumn, the heat of summer, spring like the spirit (of life),
بادها و ابرها و برقها
تا پدید آرد عوارض فرق‏ها
Winds and clouds and lightnings (all these are to the end) that (such) happenings may bring distinctions into view;
تا برون آرد زمین خاک رنگ
هر چه اندر جیب دارد لعل و سنگ‏
(To the end) that dust-coloured (dusky) earth may bring forth all that it holds in its bosom, (whether) ruby or stone.
هر چه دزدیده ست این خاک دژم
از خزانه‏ی حق و دریای کرم‏
Whatsoever this dark earth has stolen from the Treasury of God and the Sea of Bounty.
شحنه‏ی تقدیر گوید راست گو
آن چه بردی شرح واده مو به مو
Providence, the (Divine) governor, says, “Tell the truth! Declare what thou hast carried off, hair by hair.”
دزد یعنی خاک گوید هیچ هیچ
شحنه او را در کشد در پیچ پیچ‏
The thief, that is, the earth, says, “Nothing, nothing!” The Governor (then) puts it to the torture.
شحنه گاهش لطف گوید چون شکر
گه بر آویزد کند هر چه بتر
Sometimes the Governor speaks to it with kindness (sweet) as sugar; sometimes he hangs it up (in the air), and does his worst,
تا میان قهر و لطف آن خفیه‏ها
ظاهر آید ز آتش خوف و رجا
In order that, between force and favour, those concealed things may be brought to sight through the fire of fear and hope.
آن بهاران لطف شحنه‏ی کبریاست
و آن خزان تخویف و تهدید خداست‏
Spring is the kindness of the Almighty Governor, and Autumn is God’s menace and intimidation,
و آن زمستان چار میخ معنوی
تا تو ای دزد خفی ظاهر شوی‏
And Winter is the allegorical crucifixion, to the end that thou, O hidden thief, mayst be exposed.
پس مجاهد را زمانی بسط دل
یک زمانی قبض و درد و غش و غل‏
Then (again), he that wages the (spiritual) warfare has at one time (joyous) expansion of heart, at another time (grievous) oppression and pain and torment,
ز انکه این آب و گلی کابدان ماست
منکر و دزد و ضیای جان ماست‏
Because this water and clay, which is (the stuff of) our bodies, is the denier (enemy) and thief of the light of (our) souls.
حق تعالی گرم و سرد و رنج و درد
بر تن ما می‏نهد ای شیر مرد
The High God lays upon our body, O man of fortitude, heat and cold and grief and pain,
خوف و جوع و نقص اموال و بدن
جمله بهر نقد جان ظاهر شدن‏
Fear and hunger and impairment of wealth and body all for the sake of the soul’s coin being brought into sight (and use).
این وعید و وعده‏ها انگیخته ست
بهر این نیک و بدی کامیخته ست‏
These threats and promises He hath sent forth on account of this good and evil which He hath mingled.
چون که حق و باطلی آمیختند
نقد و قلب اندر حرمدان ریختند
Inasmuch as truth and falsehood have been mingled, and the good and bad coin have been poured into the travelling-bag,
پس محک می‏بایدش بگزیده‏ای
در حقایق امتحانها دیده‏ای‏
Therefore they need a picked touchstone, one that has undergone (many) tests in (assaying) realities,
تا شود فاروق این تزویرها
تا بود دستور این تدبیرها
So that it may become a criterion for these impostures; so that it may be a standard for these acts of providence.
شیر ده ای مادر موسی و را
و اندر آب افکن میندیش از بلا
Give him milk, O mother of Moses, and cast him into the water: be not afraid of (putting him to) the trial.
هر که در روز أ لست آن شیر خورد
همچو موسی شیر را تمییز کرد
Whoever drank that milk on the Day of Alast distinguishes the milk (in this world), even as Moses (distinguished and knew his mother’s milk).
گر تو بر تمییز طفلت مولعی
این زمان یا ام موسی ارضعی‏
If thou wishest fondly for thy child’s discrimination (and recognition), suckle (him) now, O mother of Moses,
تا ببیند طعم شیر مادرش
تا فرو ناید بدایه‏ی بد سرش‏
That he may know the taste of his mother’s milk, and that his head may not sink to (desire and accept the milk of) a bad nurse.




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