Story in exposition of the same topic

Story in exposition of the same topic. حکایت در تقریر همین سخن

آن یکی اسپی طلب کرد از امیر گفت رو آن اسپ اشهب را بگیر
A certain man begged an Amír to give him a horse: he said, “Go and take that grey horse.”
گفت آن را من نخواهم گفت چون گفت او واپس‌روست و بس حرون
He replied, “I don’t want that one.” “Why not?” he asked. “It goes backward and is very restive,” said he;
سخت پس پس می‌رود او سوی بن گفت دمش را به سوی خانه کن
“t goes back, back very hard in the direction of its rump.” He replied, “Turn its tail towards home!”
دم این استور نفست شهوتست زین سبب پس پس رود آن خودپرست
The tail of this beast you are riding, (namely), your carnal soul, is lust; hence that self-worshipper goes back, back.
شهوت او را که دم آمد ز بن ای مبدل شهوت عقبیش کن
O changer, make its (carnal) lust, which is the tail, to be entirely lust for the world hereafter.
چون ببندی شهوتش را از رغیف سر کند آن شهوت از عقل شریف
When you bind its lust (and debar it) from the loaf, that lust puts forth its head from (is transformed into) noble reason.
هم‌چو شاخی که ببری از درخت سر کند قوت ز شاخ نیک‌بخت
As, when you lop off a (superfluous) branch from a tree, vigour is imparted to the well-conditioned branches.
چونک کردی دم او را آن طرف گر رود پس پس رود تا مکتنف
When you have turned its (the carnal steed’s) tail in that direction, if it goes backward, it goes to the place of shelter.
حبذا اسپان رام پیش‌رو نه سپس‌رو نه حرونی را گرو
How excellent are the docile horses which go forward, not backward, and are not given over to restiveness,
گرم‌رو چون جسم موسی کلیم تا به بحرینش چو پهنای گلیم
Going hot-foot, like the body of Moses the Kalím, to which (the distance) to the two seas (was) as the breadth of a blanket!
هست هفصدساله راه آن حقب که بکرد او عزم در سیران حب
Seven hundred years is the duration of the journey on which he set out in the path of Love, (the journey that lasted) for an age.
همت سیر تنش چون این بود سیر جانش تا به علیین بود
Since the aspiration (that carried him) on his journey in the body is (as immense as) this, his journey in the spirit must be (even) unto the highestParadise.
شهسواران در سباقت تاختند خربطان در پایگه انداختند
The kingly cavaliers sped forward in advance (of all); the boobies unloaded (their beasts of burden) in the stable-yard.




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