The reply of Pharaoh to Moses

The reply of Pharaoh to Moses, and the coming of a Divine revelation to Moses, on whom be peace. جواب فرعون موسی را و وحی آمدن موسی را علیه‌السلام

گفت نه نه مهلتم باید نهاد عشوه‌ها کم ده تو کم پیمای باد
He (Pharaoh) said, “Nay, nay, thou must appoint a certain respite: do not give cajoleries, do not talk vain things.”
حق تعالی وحی کردش در زمان مهلتش ده متسع مهراس از آن
At once the high God made a revelation to him, saying, “Give him an ample respite: be not afraid of that.
این چهل روزش بده مهلت بطوع تا سگالد مکرها او نوع نوع
Willingly give him these forty days, that he may bethink him of divers plots.
تا بکوشد او که نی من خفته‌ام تیز رو گو پیش ره بگرفته‌ام
Let him endeavour, for I am not asleep; bid him advance quickly, (for) I have barred the way in front (of him).
حیله‌هاشان را همه برهم زنم و آنچ افزایند من بر کم زنم
I will confound all their devices, and I will reduce to little that which they increase.
آب را آرند من آتش کنم نوش و خوش گیرند و من ناخوش کنم
Let them fetch water, and I will make (it) fire; let them get honey and sweets and I will make (it) bitter.
مهر پیوندند و من ویران کنم آنک اندر وهم نارند آن کنم
Let them join in a bond of love, and I will destroy it; I will do that which they conceive not.
تو مترس و مهلتش ده دم‌دراز گو سپه گرد آر و صد حیلت بساز
Have thou no fear, and give him a lengthy respite; bid him bring together his host and prepare a hundred devices.”




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