Parable مثل

سوی جامع می‌شد آن یک شهریار خلق را می‌زد نقیب و چوبدار
A king was going to the congregational mosque, and the marshals and mace-bearers were beating the people off.
آن یکی را سر شکستی چوب‌زن و آن دگر را بر دریدی پیرهن
The wielder of the stick would break the head of one and tear to bits the shirt of another.
در میانه بی‌دلی ده چوب خورد بی‌گناهی که برو از راه برد
A poor wretch amidst the throng received ten blows with the stick without (having committed) any offence. “Begone,” they cried, “get out of the way!”
خون چکان رو کرد با شاه و بگفت ظلم ظاهر بین چه پرسی از نهفت
Dripping blood, he turned his face to the king and said, “Behold the manifest iniquity: why ask of that which is hidden?
خیر تو این است جامع می‌روی تا چه باشد شر و وزرت ای غوی
This is thy good: (thou doest this whilst) thou art going to the mosque; what must thy evil and burden (of sin) be, O misguided one?”
یک سلامی نشنود پیر از خسی تا نپیچد عاقبت از وی بسی
The Pír (Elder) never hears a salaam from a base fellow without being exceedingly tormented by him in the end.
گرگ دریابد ولی را به بود زانک دریابد ولی را نفس بد
(If) a wolf catch a saint, it is better than that the saint should be caught by the wicked carnal soul,
زانک گرگ ارچه که بس استمگریست لیکش آن فرهنگ و کید و مکر نیست
Because, though the wolf does great violence, yet it has not the same knowledge and craft and cunning;
ورنه کی اندر فتادی او به دام مکر اندر آدمی باشد تمام
Else how should it fall into the trap? Cunning is complete (attains to perfection) in man.
گفت قج با گاو و اشتر ای رفاق چون چنین افتاد ما را اتفاق
The ram said to the ox and the camel, “O comrades, since such a (lucky) chance has come to us,
هر یکی تاریخ عمر ابدا کنید پیرتر اولیست باقی تن زنید
Let each (of us) declare the date (antiquity) of his life: the oldest has the best right, let the others suffer (disappointment) in silence.
گفت قج مرج من اندر آن عهود با قج قربان اسمعیل بود
In those times,” said the ram, “my pasturage was (shared) with the ram that was sacrificed for Ismá‘íl (Ishmael).” 
گاو گفتا بوده‌ام من سال‌خورد جفت آن گاوی کش آدم جفت کرد
The ox said, “I am the (most) advanced in years, (I was) coupled with the ox that Adam yoked.
جفت آن گاوم که آدم جد خلق در زراعت بر زمین می‌کرد فلق
I am the yoke-fellow of the ox with which Adam, the forefather of mankind, used to plough the earth in sowing.”
چون شنید از گاو و قج اشتر شگفت سر فرود آورد و آن را برگرفت
When the camel heard the ox and the ram (make these assertions) he was amazed: he lowered his head and picked up that (bunch of grass).
در هوا بر داشت آن بند قصیل اشتر بختی سبک بی‌قال و قیل
Promptly, without any palaver, the Bactrian camel raised the bunch of fresh barley in the air,
که مرا خود حاجت تاریخ نیست کین چنین جسمی و عالی گردنیست
Saying, “I, in sooth, need no (support from) chronology, since I have such a (stout) body and high neck.
خود همه کس داند ای جان پدر که نباشم از شما من خردتر
Indeed every one knows, O father’s darling, that I am not smaller than you.
داند این را هرکه ز اصحاب نهاست که نهاد من فزون‌تر از شماست
Whoever is one of those possessed of intelligence knows this, that my nature is superior to yours.”
جملگان دانند کین چرخ بلند هست صد چندان که این خاک نژند
(The Christian said), “All know that this lofty heaven is a hundred times as great as this low earth.
کو گشاد رقعه‌های آسمان کو نهاد بقعه‌های خاکدان
How can the wide expanse of the celestial domains be compared with the (limited) character of the terrestrial regions?”




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