Parable مثل

گفت با درویش روزی یک خسی که ترا این‌جا نمی‌داند کسی
One day a base fellow said to a dervish, “Thou art unknown to any one here.”
گفت او گر می‌نداند عامیم خویش را من نیک می‌دانم کیم
He replied, “If the vulgar do not know me, I know very well who I am.
وای اگر بر عکس بودی درد و ریش او بدی بینای من من کور خویش
Alas, if the pain and sore (the spiritual malady) had been reversed (bestowed contrariwise) and he (the vulgar man) had seen me (as I really am), while I was blind to myself!”
احمقم گیر احمقم من نیک‌بخت بخت بهتر از لجاج و روی سخت
(The treasure-seeker said), “Suppose I am a fool, I am a lucky fool: luck is better than perversity and a hard (impudent) face.
این سخن بر وفق ظنت می‌جهد ورنه بختم داد عقلم هم دهد
These words (of yours) express (only) your (false) opinion; for my luck at the same time endows me with all that belongs to (perfect) intelligence.”


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