Story in confirmation

Story in confirmation of the saying, “We have tried speech and talk all this time: (now) for a while let us. try self-restraint and silence.” حکایت در تقریر این سخن کی چندین گاه گفت ذکر را آزمودیم مدتی صبر و خاموشی را بیازماییم

چند پختی تلخ و تیز و شورگز این یکی بار امتحان شیرین بپز
How long have you been cooking (things) sour and acid and (like the fruit of) the white tamarisk? For this one time make an experiment and cook sweets.
آن یکی را در قیامت ز انتباه در کف آید نامه‌ی عصیان سیاه
On waking at the Resurrection, there is put into the hands of a (wicked) man the scroll of his sins: (it will be) black,
سرسیه چون نامه‌های تعزیه پر معاصی متن نامه و حاشیه
Headed with black, as letters of mourning; the body and margin of the scroll completely filled with (his) sins.
جمله فسق و معصیت بد یک سری هم‌چو دارالحرب پر از کافری
The whole (of it) wickedness and sin from end to end, full of infidelity, like the land of war.
آنچنان نامه‌ی پلید پر وبال در یمین ناید درآید در شمال
Such a foul and noxious scroll does not come into the right hand; it comes into the left hand.
خود همین‌جا نامه‌ی خود را ببین دست چپ را شاید آن یا در یمین
Here also (in this world) regard your scroll (the record of your actions), (and consider) whether it fits the left hand or the right.
موزه‌ی چپ کفش چپ هم در دکان آن چپ دانیش پیش از امتحان
In the (bootmaker’s) shop, can you know before trying (them) on that the left boot or shoe belongs to the left (foot)?
چون نباشی راست می‌دان که چپی هست پیدا نعره‌ی شیر و کپی
When you are not “right,” know that you are “left”; the cries of a lion and an ape are distinct (from one another).
آنک گل را شاهد و خوش‌بو کند هر چپی را راست فضل او کند
He (God) who makes the rose lovely and sweet-scented His bounty makes every “left” to be “right.”
هر شمالی را یمینی او دهد بحر را ماء معینی او دهد
He bestows “rightness” on every one belonging to the “left” He bestows a(fresh) running water on the (salt) sea.
گر چپی با حضرت او راست باش تا ببینی دست‌برد لطفهاش
If you are “left,” be “right” (in perfect harmony) with His Lordship, that you may see His mercies prevail (over His wrath).
تو روا داری که این نامه‌ی مهین بگذرد از چپ در آید در یمین
Do you think it allowable that this vile scroll (of yours) should pass from the left hand and come into the right?
این چنین نامه که پرظلم و جفاست کی بود خود درخور اندر دست راست
How indeed should a scroll like this, which is full of iniquity and injury, be fit (to place) in the right hand?




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