Story of the monk

Story of the monk who went about with a lamp in the daytime in the midst of the bazaar because of the ecstasy which he had (in his heart). حکایت آن راهب که روز با چراغ می‌گشت در میان بازار از سر حالتی کی او را بود

آن یکی با شمع برمی‌گشت روز گرد بازاری دلش پر عشق و سوز
That person was going about in a bazaar in the daytime with a candle, his heart full of love and (spiritual) ardour.
بوالفضولی گفت او را کای فلان هین چه می‌جویی به سوی هر دکان
A busybody said to him, “Hey, O such-and-such, what are you seeking beside every shop?
هین چه می‌گردی تو جویان با چراغ در میان روز روشن چیست لاغ
Hey, why are you going about in search (of something) with a lamp in bright daylight? What is the joke?”
گفت می‌جویم به هر سو آدمی که بود حی از حیات آن دمی
He replied, “I am searching everywhere for a man that is alive with the life inspired by that (Divine) Breath.
هست مردی گفت این بازار پر مردمانند آخر ای دانای حر
Is there a man in existence?” “This bazaar,” said the other, “is full: surely they are men, O noble sage.”
گفت خواهم مرد بر جاده‌ی دو ره در ره خشم و به هنگام شره
He answered, “I want (one who is) a man on the two-wayed road—in the way of anger and at the time of desire.
وقت خشم و وقت شهوت مرد کو طالب مردی دوانم کو به کو
Where is (one who is) a man at the moment of anger and at the moment of appetite? In search of (such) a man I am running from street to street.
کو درین دو حال مردی در جهان تا فدای او کنم امروز جان
Where in the world is (one who is) a man on these two occasions, that I may devote my life to him to-day?”
گفت نادر چیز می‌جویی ولیک غافل از حکم و قضایی بین تو نیک
“You are seeking a rare thing,” said he; “but you take no heed of the (Divine) ordinance and destiny. Consider well!
ناظر فرعی ز اصلی بی‌خبر فرع ماییم اصل احکام قدر
You regard (only) the branch, you are unaware of the root: we are the branch, the ordinances of the (Divine) decree are the root.”
چرخ گردان را قضا گمره کند صدعطارد را قضا ابله کند
The (Divine) destiny causes the rolling sphere (of heaven) to lose its way; the (Divine) destiny makes a hundred Mercuries to be ignorant;
تنگ گرداند جهان چاره را آب گرداند حدید و خاره را
It makes the world of (our) contrivance to be straitened; it makes iron and hard rock to be (unresisting as) water.
ای قراری داده ره را گام گام خام خامی خام خامی خام خام
O thou who hast resolved upon the way (thou wilt go), step by step, thou art the rawest of the raw, the rawest of the raw, the rawest of the raw.
چون بدیدی گردش سنگ آسیا آب جو را هم ببین آخر بیا
Since thou hast seen the revolution of the millstone, come now, see also the water of the river.
خاک را دیدی برآمد در هوا در میان خاک بنگر باد را
Thou hast seen the dust rise into the air: amidst the dust see the wind.
دیگهای فکر می‌بینی به جوش اندر آتش هم نظر می‌کن به هوش
Thou seest the kettles of thought boiling: look with intelligence on the fire too.
گفت حق ایوب را در مکرمت من بهر موییت صبری دادمت
God said to Job, “I have graciously bestowed a (gift of) patience upon every hair of thee. 
هین به صبر خود مکن چندین نظر صبر دیدی صبر دادن را نگر
Hark, do not pay so much regard to thy patience: thou hast seen (thy) patience, (now) look at (My) giving (thee) patience.”
چند بینی گردش دولاب را سر برون کن هم ببین تیز آب را
How long wilt thou behold the revolution of the water-wheel? Put forth thy head and behold the rapid water (that turns it).
تو همی‌گویی که می‌بینم ولیک دید آن را بس علامتهاست نیک
Thou wilt say, “I am beholding it”; but there are many good signs of (really) beholding it.
گردش کف را چو دیدی مختصر حیرتت باید به دریا در نگر
When thou hast taken a summary view of the circling movement of the foam, look upon the Sea if thou wantest (to feel) bewilderment.
آنک کف را دید سر گویان بود وانک دریا دید او حیران بود
He that regards the foam tells of the mystery, while he that regards the Sea is bewildered.
آنک کف را دید نیتها کند وانک دریا دید دل دریا کند
He that regards the foam forms intentions, while he that regards the Sea makes his heart (one with) the Sea.
آنک کفها دید باشد در شمار و آنک دریا دید شد بی‌اختیار
He that regards the foam-flakes is (engaged) in reckoning (and calculation), while he that regards the Sea is without (conscious) volition.
آنک او کف دید در گردش بود وانک دریا دید او بی‌غش بود
He that regards the foam is in (continual) movement, while he that regards the Sea is devoid of hypocrisy.




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