Parable of the foal’s refusing

Parable of the foal’s refusing

Parable of the foal’s refusing to drink the water because of the bawling of the grooms.مثل زدن در رمیدن کره‌ی اسپ از آب خوردن به سبب شخولیدن سایسان

آنک فرمودست او اندر خطاب کره و مادر همی‌خوردند آب
As he has said in his discourse, the foal and its mother were drinking the water.
می‌شخولیدند هر دم آن نفر بهر اسپان که هلا هین آب خور
Those persons (the grooms) were bawling incessantly at the horses, “Come on! Hey, drink!”
آن شخولیدن به کره می‌رسید سر همی بر داشت و از خور می‌رمید
(The noise of) that bawling reached the foal: it was lifting its head and refusing to drink.
مادرش پرسید کای کره چرا می‌رمی هر ساعتی زین استقا
Its mother asked, “O foal, why art thou always refusing to drink this water?”
گفت کره می‌شخولند این گروه ز اتفاق بانگشان دارم شکوه
The foal said, “These people are bawling: I am afraid of the occurrence of their shouts.
پس دلم می‌لرزد از جا می‌رود ز اتفاق نعره خوفم می‌رسد
Therefore my heart is trembling and jumping: dread of the occurrence of the outcry is coming on me.”
گفت مادر تا جهان بودست ازین کارافزایان بدند اندر زمین
The mother said, “Ever since the world existed, there have been busybodies of this sort on the earth.”
هین تو کار خویش کن ای ارجمند زود کایشان ریش خود بر می‌کنند
Hark, do your own business, O worthy man: soon will they tear their beards (in sorrow).
وقت تنگ و می‌رود آب فراخ پیش از آن کز هجر گردی شاخ شاخ
The time is restricted, and the abundant water is flowing away: (drink) ere, through being parted (from it), you fall to pieces.
شهره کاریزیست پر آب حیات آب کش تا بر دمد از تو نبات
There is a famous conduit, full of the Water of Life: draw the Water, in order that verdure may grow up from you.
آب خضر از جوی نطق اولیا می‌خوریم ای تشنه‌ی غافل بیا
We are drinking the water of Khizr from the river of the speech of the saints: come, O heedless thirsty man!
گر نبینی آب کورانه بفن سوی جو آور سبو در جوی زن
If you do not see the water, artfully after the fashion of the blind bring the jug to the river, and dip it in the river.
چون شنیدی کاندرین جو آب هست کور را تقلید باید کار بست
Forasmuch as you have heard that there is water in this river-bed, (go and try): the blind man must practise conformity.
جو فرو بر مشک آب‌اندیش را تا گران بینی تو مشک خویش را
Carry down to the river the water-skin that has thoughts of the water, so that you may find your water-skin heavy.
چون گران دیدی شوی تو مستدل رست از تقلید خشک آنگاه دل
When you have found it heavy, you will be led to infer (the truth): at that moment your heart is delivered from dry conformity.
گر نبیند کور آب جو عیان لیک داند چون سبو بیند گران
If the blind man does not see the river-water ocularly, yet he knows, when he finds the jug heavy,
که ز جو اندر سبو آبی برفت کین سبک بود و گران شد ز آب و زفت
That some water has gone from the river into the jug; for this (jug) was light, and (now) it has become heavy and swollen with water;
زانک هر بادی مرا در می‌ربود باد می‌نربایدم ثقلم فزود
“Because,” (he will say), “every wind used to sweep me away, (but now) the wind does not sweep me away: my weight has increased.”
مر سفیهان را رباید هر هوا زانک نبودشان گرانی قوی
The foolish are swept away by every gust of desire, because they have no weight (ballast) of (intellectual) faculties.
کشتی بی‌لنگر آمد مرد شر که ز باد کژ نیابد او حذر
The wicked man is an anchorless ship, for he finds no precaution (means of defence) against the perverse (contrary) wind.
لنگر عقلست عاقل را امان لنگری در یوزه کن از عاقلان
To the intelligent man the anchor of intelligence is security: beg (such) an anchor from the intelligent.
او مددهای خرد چون در ربود از خزینه در آن دریای جود
Since he (the Sage) has borne away the succours (supplies) of intelligence from the pearl-treasury of that Sea of Bounty,
زین چنین امداد دل پر فن شود بجهد از دل چشم هم روشن شود
By such succours (replenishments) the heart is filled with knowledge: it (that knowledge) shoots from the heart, and the eye too becomes illuminated,
زانک نور از دل برین دیده نشست تا چو دل شد دیده‌ی تو عاطلست
Because the light from the heart has settled upon this eye so that your eye, having become the heart, is (physically) inactive.
دل چو بر انوار عقلی نیز زد زان نصیبی هم بدو دیده دهد
When the heart too has come into contact with the intellectual Lights, it bestows a portion thereof on the eyes also.
پس بدان کاب مبارک ز آسمان وحی دلها باشد و صدق بیان
Know, then, that the blessed Water from Heaven is the inspiration of (men’s) hearts and the true explanation (of every mystery).
ما چو آن کره هم آب جو خوریم سوی آن وسواس طاعن ننگریم
Let us also, like that foal, drink the water of the stream; let us pay no regard to the evil suggestions of the railer.
پی‌رو پیغمبرانی ره سپر طعنه‌ی خلقان همه بادی شمر
(If) you are a follower of the prophets, tread the Way: deem all the railing of (human) creatures to be a (vain and empty) wind.
آن خداوندان که ره طی کرده‌اند گوش فا بانگ سگان کی کرده‌اند
When have the Masters who have traversed the Way lent ear to the clamour of curs?




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