The reply of the ass to the fox

The reply of the ass to the fox. جواب گفتن خر روباه را

گفت رو رو هین ز پیشم ای عدو تا نبینم روی تو ای زشت‌رو
“Hark,” cried the ass, “begone, begone from my presence, O enemy, that I may not see your face, O ugly one!
آن خدایی که ترا بدبخت کرد روی زشتت را کریه و سخت کرد
That God who made you ill-fated hath made your ugly face detestable and impudent.
با کدامین روی می‌آیی به من این چنین سغری ندارد کرگدن
With what face do you come to me? The rhinoceros has not such a hard skin (as you have).
رفته‌ای در خون جانم آشکار که ترا من ره‌برم تا مرغزار
You manifestly attempted to shed my life-blood, saying, ‘I will guide you to the meadow,’
تا بدیدم روی عزرائیل را باز آوردی فن و تسویل را
So that I beheld the face of Azrael; (now) again you have brought cunning and plausible suggestion (to bear on me).
گرچه من ننگ خرانم یا خرم جانورم جان دارم این را کی خرم
Though I am a disgrace to the asses or an ass (myself), (yet) I am possessed of life, I have a vital spirit: how should I purchase (accept and believe) this (palaver)?
آنچ من دیدم ز هول بی‌امان طفل دیدی پیر گشتی در زمان
If a child had seen the pitiless horror that I saw, it would instantly have become old.
بی‌دل و جان از نهیب آن شکوه سرنگون خود را در افکندم ز کوه
Deprived of heart and soul by dread of that awful object, I threw myself headlong from the mountain.
بسته شد پایم در آن دم از نهیب چون بدیدم آن عذاب بی‌حجاب
My legs were tied (paralysed) by terror as soon as I perceived that (cruel) torment without (any) barrier (between it and me).
عهد کردم با خدا کای ذوالمنن برگشا زین بستگی تو پای من
I made a promise to God, crying, ‘O gracious One, do Thou loose my legs from this bondage,
تا ننوشم وسوسه‌ی کس بعد ازین عهد کردم نذر کردم ای معین
So that henceforth I may not listen to any one’s temptation: I promise, I vow (that I will not listen), O Helper!’
حق گشاده کرد آن دم پای من زان دعا و زاری و ایمای من
Thereupon God loosed my legs because of my prayer and humble entreaty and indication (of abasement);
ورنه اندر من رسیدی شیر نر چون بدی در زیر پنجه‌ی شیر خر
Else the fierce lion would have overtaken me: how would an ass have fared in the grip of a lion?
باز بفرستادت آن شیر عرین سوی من از مکر ای بس القرین
Now the lion of the jungle has sent you to me again for the purpose of deceit, O evil companion that you are!”
حق ذات پاک الله الصمد که بود به مار بد از یار بد
(I swear) by the truth of the Holy Person of Allah, the Lord, that a malign snake is better than a malign friend.
مار بد جانی ستاند از سلیم یار بد آرد سوی نار مقیم
The malign snake takes a soul (life) from the man it has bitten; the malign friend leads him into the everlasting Fire.
از قرین بی‌قول و گفت و گوی او خو بدزدد دل نهان از خوی او
Thy heart secretly steals its disposition from the disposition of thy companion, without speech and talk on his part.
چونک او افکند بر تو سایه را دزدد آن بی‌مایه از تو مایه را
When he casts his shadow over thee, that unprincipled one steals away thy principles from thee.
عقل تو گر اژدهایی گشت مست یار بد او را زمرد دان که هست
(Even) if thy reason has become (as strong as) a furious dragon, know that the evil companion is an emerald to it.
دیده‌ی عقلت بدو بیرون جهد طعن اوت اندر کف طاعون نهد
Through him the eye of thy reason starts out (of the socket): his (vicious) thrusts deliver thee into the hands of pestilence.




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