(Showing that) the annulment and destruction

(Showing that) the annulment and destruction of (human) resolutions (is) in order to let man know that He (God) is the Lord and the Almighty; and His occasional non-annulment of his (man’s) resolution and His carrying it into effect (is) in order that hope may urge him to form a resolution, so that He again may destroy it, to the end that warning may follow on warning.فسخ عزایم و نقضها جهت با خبر کردن آدمی را از آنک مالک و قاهر اوست و گاه گاه عزم او را فسخ ناکردن و نافذ داشتن تا طمع او را بر عزم کردن دارد تا باز عزمش را بشکند تا تنبیه بر تنبیه بود

عزمها و قصدها در ماجرا گاه گاهی راست می‌آید ترا
In the course of events your resolutions and purposes now and then come right (are fulfilled),
تا به طمع آن دلت نیت کند بار دیگر نیتت را بشکند
In order that, through hope of that (fulfilment), your heart may form an intention, and that He may once more destroy your intention.
ور بکلی بی‌مرادت داشتی دل شدی نومید امل کی کاشتی
For if He were to keep you wholly unsuccessful, your heart would despair: how would it sow (the seed of) expectation?
ور بکاریدی امل از عوریش کی شدی پیدا برو مقهوریش
And unless it sowed (the seed of) expectation, how from its barrenness would its subjection (to the Divine will) become apparent to it?
عاشقان از بی‌مرادیهای خویش باخبر گشتند از مولای خویش
By their failures (to achieve success) the lovers are made aware of their Lord.
بی‌مرادی شد قلاوز بهشت حفت الجنه شنو ای خوش سرشت
Unsuccess is the guide to Paradise: hearken, O man of goodly nature, to (the tradition), “Paradise is encompassed (with pains).”
که مراداتت همه اشکسته‌پاست پس کسی باشد که کام او رواست
(Granted) that all that you desire is broken-legged (unsuccessful), then there is One whose pleasure is fulfilled.
پس شدند اشکسته‌اش آن صادقان لیک کو خود آن شکست عاشقان
Therefore the sincere (believers) have become broken (abased) before Him; but where indeed is (their abasement in comparison with) the abasement of those who love (Him)?
عاقلان اشکسته‌اش از اضطرار عاشقان اشکسته با صد اختیار
The intelligent are abased before Him from necessity; the lovers are abased with hundredfold free-will.
عاقلانش بندگان بندی‌اند عاشقانش شکری و قندی‌اند
The intelligent are bond-slaves to Him; the lovers are like sugar and candy to Him.
ائتیا کرها مهار عاقلان ائتیا طوعا بهار بی‌دلان
“Come against your will” is the toggle for the intelligent; “come willingly” is the spring-time of them that have lost their hearts.




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