Story of the Sadr-i Jahán’s Wakíl

Story of the Sadr-i Jahán’s Wakíl (minister), who fell under suspicion and fled from Bukhárá in fear of his life; then love drew him back irresistibly, for the matter of life is of small account to lovers. قصه وکیل صدر جهان کی متهم شد و از بخارا گریخت از بیم جان باز عشقش کشید رو کشان کی کار جان سهل باشد عاشقان را

در بخارا بنده‌ی صدر جهان متهم شد گشت از صدرش نهان
In Bukhárá the servant of the Sadr-i Jahán incurred suspicion and hid from his Sadr (prince).
مدت ده سال سرگردان بگشت گه خراسان گه کهستان گاه دشت
During ten years he roamed distractedly, now in Khurásán, now in the mountain-land, now in the desert.
از پس ده سال او از اشتیاق گشت بی‌طاقت ز ایام فراق
After ten years, through longing he became unable to endure the days of separation (from his beloved).
گفت تاب فرقتم زین پس نماند صبر کی داند خلاعت را نشاند
He said, “Henceforth I cannot bear to be parted (from him) any more: how can patience allay (the lover’s) state of abandonment?”
از فراق این خاکها شوره بود آب زرد و گنده و تیره شود
From separation these soils are nitrous (barren), and water becomes yellow and stinking and dark;
باد جان‌افزا وخم گردد وبا آتشی خاکستری گردد هبا
The life-increasing wind (air) becomes unhealthy and pestilential; a fire turns to ashes and dust.
باغ چون جنت شود دار المرض زرد و ریزان برگ او اندر حرض
The orchard which resembled Paradise becomes the abode of disease, (with) its leaves yellow and dropping in decay.
عقل دراک از فراق دوستان همچو تیرانداز اشکسته کمان
The penetrating intellect, through separation from its friends, (becomes) like an archer whose bow is broken.
دوزخ از فرقت چنان سوزان شدست پیر از فرقت چنان لرزان شدست
From separation Hell has become so burning; from separation the old man has become so trembling.
گر بگویم از فراق چون شرار تا قیامت یک بود از صد هزار
If I should speak of separation, (which is) like sparks of fire, till the Resurrection, ’twould be (only) one (part) out of a hundred thousand.
پس ز شرح سوز او کم زن نفس رب سلم رب سلم گوی و بس
Therefore do not breathe (a word) in description of its burning: say only “Lord, save (me)! Lord, save (me)!”
هرچه از وی شاد گردی در جهان از فراق او بیندیش آن زمان
Everything by which you are rejoiced in the world think at that time of the parting from it.
زانچ گشتی شاد بس کس شاد شد آخر از وی جست و همچون باد شد
Many a one has been gladdened by what made you glad: at last it escaped from him and became even as wind.
از تو هم بجهد تو دل بر وی منه پیش از آن کو بجهد از وی تو بجه
It will escape from you also: set not your heart upon it. Do you yourself escape from it before it escapes (from you).




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