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Haruki Murakami has said, “Learning another language is like becoming another person”. Yes, surely it is not a piece of cake; but trust us; it is not rocket science either. There are a few tricks to learn a foreign language (even Persian) easily and without any serious effort.
However, to fluently communicate in Persian, you need to prepare your ear for listening to the pronunciation and understand the meaning successfully. So, actually, you need to engage yourself in an environment that provides you such opportunities. For learning to speak Persian without much effort, you can opt for the following strategies:

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1. The online courses

When there is an internet presence with the solutions to all your queries, then why spend money on expensive Persian courses! There are credible websites that offer inexpensive online courses to enhance your Persian skills. They also put forward online training videos and free lessons to help you out in enhance learning Persian. In addition to various online training courses, you can also opt for downloading mobile applications for Persian learning. These applications are your guide and support for interacting in Persian or any other language. So, go online and check out those websites and apps.

2. Be a bit more social

We suggest you find a Persian native speaker and having a conversation with them. It will help you in enhancing your ability to speak Persian more efficiently. As we all know, failure is the only way to success, and trust us; you won’t ever be a fluent Persian speaker if you only attend classes and avoid actual conversation. So, don’t be afraid and have some chatting with native speakers. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. While talking to that native Persian speaker, making mistakes will be helpful to you. They will happily guide you to the betterment and actually, it will be the most authentic assistance.

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3. Travel to Iran

Maybe this is the best way to learn a new language. We believe that learning a language is essentially related to understanding and connecting to that culture. In fact, traveling gives you the opportunity to experience the core values of that culture and the origin of that language. Try to engage yourself in popular cultural activities like playing games with native speakers or going to a theatre or anything. Communicating or connecting is always easy when you are in a free mood. Furthermore, while you are talking about popular cultures, like sports or music, people tend to take interest in the conversation. It will be a great opportunity to brush up on your skill and increase your Persian vocabulary. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a ticket and enjoy this coming vacation in Iran.

4. Watch movies

This is one of the best and free methods of learning a foreign language. Actually, movies take us on deep emotional journeys and imbibe the language and the culture even before knowing. Several Iranian movies are internationally popular and you can watch them with subtitle. In addition, movies will help you to prepare your ears for that language, and eventually, you will find it easier to understand and communicate in Persian.

5. Language exchange apps

It is a reciprocal learning technique. You need to find a native Persian speaker who wants to learn your language and take turns as a teacher and student. Actually, you can arrange meetings and divide the time span for conversing in each other’s languages. However, in using this technique you should keep in mind that being a native speaker may not make your partner a good teacher.

Nobody can learn a new language overnight. Therefore, the success of these methods also depends upon time. Furthermore, you need to put your effort and concentration into language learning processes; otherwise, your dream of speaking Persian will end in a fiasco. Try to love the culture and the language, leave all your fears behind and take the first step for having a real conversation with a native Persian speaker. Have confidence and enjoy the learning.

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