10 Quick Tips on How to Learn Persian Faster

How To Learn Persian Faster?

Have you heard about the guy who taught himself to play the guitar or piano in a single day? Neither do we.

The fact is, learning to play the piano like Beethoven requires time and effort. This applies equally to almost all competence you want to learn, including Persian.

That’s right, you won’t be finding any «learn to speak Persian fluently in two weeks!»

But you can improve much faster if you have a clear vision and a strong plan.

If you’re thinking about learning Persian, you’ll find inspiration here to help you along your way.

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1. Creating Clear Goals

You should ask yourself why you’re learning Persian to be most successful. Is it just for fun, or are you planning to travel to Iran in six months? Do you want to be able to communicate with Persian businessmen for a job?

These questions are important in assisting you in creating a set of specific goals. You may be only interested in speaking Persian, which will affect how you spend your learning time.

Long-Term Goals

Set long-term goals for yourself. Like where you want to be in a year, two years, and the next five years. Consider how much time you will devote to Persian learning practically, and use that as a baseline.
Maybe you set a long-term goal of achieving advanced fluency in five years, including one year of spending in Iran.

Short-Term Goals

Then move on to short-term goals, which can be weekly or 6 months in advance. For example, you might want to read a simple Persian book or understand Persian radio in six months.

Make sure they’re «SMART» goals when you’re setting them. Goals should be Clear, Observable, Attainable, Practical, and Timely.

Tip: At the very least, you need to revisit your short-term objectives once a month, if not once a week. Please don’t be afraid to alter your goals depending on your performance. So that you maintain a realistic view of what study techniques are useful and efficient for you.

2. Listen to Persian music

Another excellent audio resource for quickly improving your Persian is Persian music and songs. Listen to Persian music in the background so you can sing along with Persian words and phrases. To develop your pronunciation and sounds, read the lyrics of the songs.
It’s a fun and a fantastic way to learn the language.

You can also listen to Persian music online to help you learn the language.

3. Watch Persian films and series

Once a day set aside time to watch a Persian film or series. In a conversation, pay attention to how people speak Persian. Take note of the sounds and the phrasing.

For more complicated talks, consider watching Persian movies with a lot of dialogue. Persian films and series can be found on the internet.

You won’t be able to speak Persian fluently just by reading about it. You need to hear it as well.

4. Order in Persian at Persian restaurants

Try ordering food in Persian at a local Persian restaurant or cafe to develop your conversational Persian. In Persian, greet the waiter and place your order, listing things on the menu in Persian.

You may also thank the waiter for their service by asking for the bill in Persian.

When ordering in Persian, bear in mind that you might make a mistake. Please accept it and keep going, so you’ll learn from your mistakes and order correctly the next time.

5. It’s All About Practice

Finally, don’t be intimidated by Persian grammar; it will come with practice. Simple Persian sentences can be developed similarly to how you think in English at first.

Maybe you don’t like to learn grammar in the beginning, you should concentrate your efforts and time first on learning the tones, and simple vocabulary.

Learning Persian does not have to be as tricky as learning Beethoven’s sonatas. Even though it will take effort and time, and regular daily practice, you will note that you are moving faster than before!

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6. Practice basic Persian phrases

Practice basic Persian phrases like سلام «hello»، ممنون «thank you»و and خداحافظ «goodbye». Start with basic conversational Persian so you can get familiar with the language. Please make sure you know how to say “thank you,” “goodbye,” and “how are you?”

7. Focus on learning nouns and verbs

Rather than try to learn vocabulary or a long list of terms and expressions, try to learn basic nouns and verbs instead. Nouns like «I», “we”, «she», “he”, «you» and «they» are good building blocks for simple sentences. Verbs like «go», «do», «play», «walk», «run», «visit», and «meet» will be useful in many conversations and help you speak full sentences in Persian quickly.
For example, you may learn a simple sentence like «I visit Tehran» by learning how to say «I» «visit» and «Tehran» and putting the words together to form the sentence. You can start by learning to put together sentences that are 3-4 words long. Over time, you can add on words to learn longer Persian sentences.

8. Use flashcards

Create flashcards with a Persian word on one side and an image of the object or person it represents on the other side. Practice with the flashcards so you can memorize the correct Persian word for the object or person. Say the Persian word or phrase aloud so you can remember it. You can also quiz yourself with flashcards or ask a friend to quiz you.

Add more challenging words and phrases to the flashcards as your Persian improves.

9. Use a Persian language app

There are several apps you can download onto your smartphone, tablet to help you improve your Persian pronunciation and tones. Look for apps that focus on basic nouns and verbs or get better at Persian words. Use the app during your study sessions to look up the pronunciation of a word and improve your tones when you are practicing conversational Persian. You can also use apps to help you learn how to write Persian characters.
Apps like Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur, Memrise, and Persian Pod are all good options.

10. Get a Persian language tutor

The teacher can help you improve your basic Persian speaking skills and do exercises with you to expand your vocabulary. Also, they can also correct you when you make mistakes and give you feedback on your progress. Look for a Persian language tutor through an online tutoring service.

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