5 Tips To Learn Persian From An Expert (part 2)

We have prepared some great tips for anyone struggling to learn Persian. If you currently think that you could never become bilingual and learn Persian as your second language, get ready to take some notes. Here are some of the best language-learning tips.

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1. Listen

Out of all our language-learning tips, we think this one might be the most straightforward. But actually, it can’t be emphasized enough: You need to learn to listen before you can learn to speak Persian. The fact is, every language sounds strange the first time you hear it. The more you expose yourself to the language, though, the more familiar it becomes, making it easier to speak and comprehend.

We’re able to pronounce anything (words, sentences, and…), it’s just we’re not used to doing it. Maybe the best way to go about mastering that is actually to hear it constantly, to listen to it, and to kind of visualize or imagine how that is supposed to be pronounced because Actually, for every sound there is a specific part of the mouth or throat that we use in order to achieve that sound or that pronunciation.

2. Mark up your books

It’s good to tend to mark up books and newspapers when reading. Actually, the action of underlining words, phrases, word endings, etc. helps you notice. So when you go back and review the chapter that you just finished, please go over what you have underlined.

With enough notice, your brain will start to form new patterns for the language, and your performance and understanding will improve and enhance.

Try these things to improve your ability to notice, and your ability to learn Persian.

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3. Watch Others Talk

In fact, different languages make different demands on your tongue, lips, and throat. Pronunciation is just as physical as it is mental.

One way — it might sound a bit strange — is to really look at native speakers while they’re saying Persian words that use that sound, and then to try to imitate that sound as much as possible. We know, it might be difficult at the beginning, but you will master it. It’s something that is actually quite easily done; it just needs practice and time.

If you can’t watch and imitate a native speaker in person, watching Iranian films and serials is a good learning substitute.

4. Points of view listening

The important point is, listening to similar content over and over will reinforce the elements you are already familiar with, while you focus on the specific elements that have changed.

5. Dive In

So you’ve made the pledge. How to proceed? Is there a proper way to go about learning Persian? No matter which learning tools you use, the important point is to immerse yourself and practice Persian every single day.

It’s good to use language throughout the day. It’s about actually putting what you’re learning into practice — be that writing an email, speaking to yourself, listening to Persian music, listening to podcast. Surrounding yourself, submerging yourself in Persian culture is extremely important.

We have one more language-learning tip. Remember that the best possible outcome of speaking Persian is communicating with others. We think, being able to have a simple conversation is a huge reward in itself. Reaching milestones like that early on will make it easier to stay motivated and help you to keep practicing. And please don’t worry about your current speaking ability! If you begin any interaction with, من در حال یادگیری هستم و می خواهم تمرین کنم … “I’m learning and I’d like to practice…” most people will be patient, and encouraging.

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