Effective Ways to Fall in Love with the Persian language


Falling in love with the Persian language is likely the most important thing you can do to ensure long-term motivation. They say you can’t make yourself fall in love with Persian, but there are certainly a few things you can do to increase your passion for learning. Actually, the problem is that the only experience many people have had with language learning was a few classes in grade school.

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1. Art & Media

Art and media can be wonderful tools to increase your passion for the Persian language. Things like Persian music, books, movies, and podcasts are popular because they are more accessible than ever. Furthermore, they can easily be added to any schedule from anywhere in the world. You can use art and media to create an artificial immersion in the Persian language. Hearing the language used in its natural form is a must if you want to fall in love with Persian. You’ll get used to the sound patterns and learn lots of new Persian words and expressions in the process. You’ll be fully entertained and get familiar with Persian without realizing it.

2. Travel & Culture (after a trip)

Traveling is one of the top reasons why people want to learn a foreign language. People often visit a foreign country for a few weeks and have an amazing vacation. They are surrounded by the language, the culture, the history, nice food, and incredible people. This makes them infatuated with the language and they are convinced they will learn this language when they get home. Unfortunately, this motivation often lasts only a few weeks or months. Why? Because all the things that made them fall in love with that language in the first place are gone and that’s why it’s important to keep living the language when you get home.

Top tips:

3. Travel & Culture (before a trip)

If you learn the Persian language before your trip, your motivation will be through the roof because you are excited about your vacation. You know you’ll be using the Persian language a lot during your trip and that learning it will enhance your entire vacation in many ways. All those beautiful sounds filling your eardrums during your trip will be understandable, and you’ll be able to interact with the Persian speakers in Farsi. Even the simplest interactions can do wonders.

When you get back home, you’ll still be buzzing from the experience and also you’ll want to continue improving. Even if your motivation eventually fades, you will have had a lot more time with the Persian language and reached a higher level than if you had only studied a few weeks after your trip. Another great benefit of learning Persian before a trip is that you have a much better chance of meeting people that you’ll stay in contact with after your trip. This brings us to our next point.

4. Friends & Meaningful Interactions

Meeting people who speak Persian can be incredibly rewarding. But if you don’t meet native Persian speakers on your trip, or can’t afford to travel, you can easily make friends from anywhere in the world nowadays. Websites like Tandem, Speaky, or even Instagram can be great places to meet people who speak Persian, and also you can form great friendships with these people without ever meeting them in real life. Making friends is one of the most underused forms of motivation and practice Persian, yet, it is likely the most effective. If you have daily conversations with native speakers, you’ll learn more than you can imagine. But most importantly, your drive to learn more and your love for the Persian language will only increase.


If you can incorporate art & media, travel, and having meaningful interactions in the Persian language, your love for this language should stay high throughout the entire learning process. Your motivation will help you keep improving and improving will help you love this language even more. Actually, it becomes a never-ending loop that will lead you right to fluency.

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