How Can I Learn Persian Online?

Maybe you think learning Persian can be difficult. Actually, the internet has several ways to learn Persian online. We’ve created a list of the 5 best ways to learn Persian on the internet. While some of these learning styles are obvious, some of the ways you can learn Persian are quite ingenious. Let’s get started.

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1. Sign up for an online class

There are a lot of Persian classes available online. Some of them are low-cost, and some are high-cost.
You can use Persian podcasts too. These are good options for increasing your exposure to spoken Persian.

2. Watch Youtube Videos

There are plenty of Youtube videos online that will teach you basic and advanced Persian. Some videos are interactive and you can practice your Persian, test your skills, or learn proper spelling and grammar. On the plus side, you’ll get to learn basic Persian very quickly.
Learn Persian Consonants, Vowels, and Plurals. Check out Youtube for more Persian tutorials.

3. Download a Persian learning app

There are several apps for smartphones and tablets that claim to teach Persian, and many of them are free. You can use apps like: Memrise, Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, and Learn Persian.

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4. Join a Discussion Group

Joining a discussion group such as a social media group or online forum is a great way to get help with your Persian questions. Generally, most group members are prompt and friendly with most of your questions. A strong word of advice: Persian culture is a culture of manners and politeness. So please be on your best behavior when joining a Persian group or forum. In fact, you’ll enjoy the company and get better responses when you’re polite.

5. Meet a native speaker online

Use technology to its advantage. Find someone to teach you Persian over teleconference. If you already know someone who speaks Persian, just ask them to start video chatting so you learn from them. Also, you can look for a language partner on social media.

For example, you could ask your friends on Instagram if they know anyone who speaks Persian who would be willing to teach you on video chat.

Additional tips

Watch Persian Movies Online

Watch movies in Persian on the internet. In many cases, it is possible to use Persian subtitles or watch it in Persian with English subtitles.

Here is a list of good 5 Persian movies

Listen to Persian Music Online

Listening to Persian music makes it easier for you to get the Persian language melody and pronunciation right. At the same time you learn the lyrics of songs, so next time a song is played you can sing along and impress your Persian friends.

Use Social Media

In today’s world, social media is one of the most pervasive parts of human life and they are definitely an important part of your daily life. You can learn Persian with the help of social media.

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