How to Learn Persian: A Beginners Guide

Starting to learn a new foreign language from scratch is never a simple task; it requires clear goals, motivation, and a strict learning structure to really succeed. Here at Learn Persian Online, we like to think we’re pretty knowledgeable on the whole “learning a language” thing, so we’ve rustled up this post on how to learn Persian for beginners!

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1. Take a language course

Admittedly, language classes aren’t suitable for everyone, but they’re a great way to get you into the routine of learning a language and meet other learners. It’s usually less daunting practicing a new language with other non-native speakers! There are plenty of public and private Persian courses on the internet with flexible schedules depending on your language level. If your schedule is tight, you can also sign up for an online Persian course.

2. Live with native speakers

Sometimes being forced to speak the Persian language is the best way to advance your skills. Step out of your comfort zone and find a room in a flatshare with Persian natives. Simply being in an environment where you hear the Persian language being spoken helps to tune your ears to the new sounds. Also, you tend to pick up colloquial or Persian slang words and phrases quicker this way, which is one of the elements of Persian learning that isn’t easily taught.

3. Set A Goal

When learning Persian, another important thing to remember is that you must: set a goal. In fact, setting a goal helps you identify what you want to achieve, whether it be learning how to read or learning how to count. In addition, we think this also helps assess your learning, a way to see where you are on the road to Persian fluency. Actually, the more goals you accomplish, the more confident you will be when setting new and bigger goals.

Your goal doesn’t have to be anything ambitious or grand. For example, you can begin by learning the alphabet or the days of the week. Start small and have fun with what you’re learning. Generally, the more you achieve your goals, the more motivated you become when learning the Persian language. Maybe then your next goal would be reciting a Hafez poem or memorizing some fun Persian phrases!

4. Flashcards

It may be a lot of repetition but flashcards are a great way for Persian beginner learners to get to grips with all the new Persian vocabulary. If you want a handy way to save new Persian words you come across on the web, check out Amazon!

Another great way is to stick post-its with the Persian words for objects around your home. Actually, that way you’ll see them every day and slowly familiarize yourself with the word and the spelling.

Online Farsi courses on YouTube:

5. Listen to Persian podcasts

There are plenty of podcasts available for Persian beginners, covering every topic.

For those wanting to learn more about the Persian language, check out PersianPod101. It’s a great resource for newbies trying to find their way in learning Persian, with topics such as Iranian foods name, etc.

Here are some Persian podcasts websites:

6. Download language learning apps

We’re big believers that Persian learning apps are one of the best ways to advance your Persian skills! Most vocab trainers, such as Memrise, or Drops, offer Persian courses to get you started with the basics. Once you’re confident and want to put what you’ve learned to the test, you can download a language exchange app like Tandem and find a native Persian speaker to have a real conversation with.

7. Read in Persian

Don’t neglect reading in the language you are learning! Taking five minutes out of your day to read an article or a book in Persian is an ideal way of expanding your Persian vocabulary and staying up to date with new words and phrases that Iranian use in real life. We’d recommend reading children’s books as they are easier to read and perfect for those still getting to grips with the Persian language.

8. Practice What You’ve Learned

Language immersion is an amazing method to put what you’ve learned into practice. We know that, after a quick language lesson, you might not be able to carry on a full conversation, but that’s fine. Even if you speak Persian in broken sentences or conjugate a verb incorrectly, that is better than not practicing speaking at all. Normally, fluency takes a long time, so long as you’re honing your skills one way or another, you’re doing something right!

9. Don’t stress about the pronunciation

Maybe Persian pronunciation is a little hard for those who just started learning Persian. If you like to have great pronunciation, you should concentrate on the Persian vocabulary and grammar first and when you’re more confident with that side of the language, your pronunciation and accent will come more naturally.

Last Point

Learning a new foreign language is like learning how to ride a bike. You start learning how to ride a bike with training wheels and you keep practicing as much as you can until those training wheels are off. Despite all the falls and the hurdles, you get back up and ride again until you’ve mastered the art of riding a bike.

Similar to language learning, you need encouragement and support at the beginning. After all, mastering a foreign language is a lifelong process.

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