improve your Persian listening skills through these 5 tips

For many people, speaking Persian fluently is their main goal. However, listening skills are also important in learning Persian. These skills can improve your Persian language abilities overall. Here are some ways to work on your Persian reading and listening skills:

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1. Listen to native media

Movies and series help people as they learn Persian. Many learners also find that listening to songs in Persian can help their studies.

Try listening to media in Persian to help with fluency and grammar. It’s also a fun and enjoyable way to study that can help to increase your vocabulary.

2. Find someone to Skype with

Try to find a native Persian speaker who’s prepared to spend some time speaking with you on Skype. This will give you valuable practice in conversational Persian, as well as motivate you to learn more.

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3. Listen regularly

If you have a lot of spare time, you can use those moments to listen to Persian media. Both Persian podcasts and the radio are helpful for this method. You can listen to them when you’re driving, walking, on the bus, doing chores, or working out. This regular routine will help you to quickly learn Persian.

4. Podcasts

One of the best ways to improve your Persian listening skills is through podcasts. According to several studies, podcasts are a very effective way to improve your listening skills (as well as other Persian skills).

5. Review new words and phrases

When you encounter a new Persian word or phrase when listening, make sure to write it down and practice it. We think, you will find that it’s easier to remember the meaning and structure of your new vocabulary. Also, you can then try a method such as spaced repetition or flashcards to help you memorize them.

Useful Tips:

1. Tune in to Persian music, movies, series, and podcasts

Search which Persian music you can find on the internet and tune in as often as you can. Please listen while you commute, do housework, or run errands.

You don’t need to understand everything, but you’ll get the gist of it. Over time, you’ll notice the same Persian words being used over and over. These are the ones to pay attention to and look up in a Persian dictionary if you’re unable to guess their meaning.

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2. Please be Patience! Go at your own pace

Many Persian language learners get frustrated at the moment of listening to native Persian speakers.
We know you would love to speak Persian as soon as possible to join the conversations with friends, to understand the lyrics of the songs, or to understand the Persian movies.

But please relax, cause no matter how hard you try it will always take some time. Actually, it doesn’t mean you won’t get there, it means you need to be patient.

First of all, you must be honest with yourself about your current level of Persian. There is no point in trying to understand a movie, for instance, if you start learning Persian a few months ago. It will only frustrate you…

What you can do is start incorporating Persian into your daily life.

3. Practice pronunciation

The way you pronounce or speak, Persian directly affects your ability to understand it. If you are consistently pronouncing the word “Donkey” (خر) wrong, you will struggle to understand a native speaker when they say it correctly. That is why it is so important to learn how to pronounce Persian words correctly.

Along with pronouncing words correctly, your Persian accent will sound more native, causing the language to sound less foreign to you when you hear it spoken by some other people. As an adult learner of Persian, you will always have a slight accent, but by knowing how to pronounce words correctly, your accent will be harder to detect.

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