5 Simple and Fun Ways to Improve your Persian Vocabulary

Building your Persian Vocabulary is one of the biggest joys of learning Persian. It’s also one of the most straightforward parts of learning Persian.

For some language learners, building their vocabulary is the most fun part of learning a language.

it’s entirely possible to achieve near-native or native proficiency in terms of your Persian vocabulary. The most important key to success in language learning is practice.

Here are some easy tips to get started.

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1. Keep a list of vocabulary

Even if you don’t often find time to go through your Persian vocabulary list and it keeps on building up, just the act of choosing which Persian words you need to learn and writing them down on a special list can help you learn them.

2. Learn 2 Persian verbs every day

For Persian learners, learning one verb a day is too few; two is just right. Learn two Persian verbs with their conjugations every day and you’ll see the difference. You will be amazed at how quickly you can improve your speaking and vocabulary skills by doing this.

Top tips:

3. Convert your vocab list to Persian only

One way to stop yourself from translating and therefore increase your speed of comprehension and production is to learn all your vocabulary without the use of your native language. Ways you can write a vocab list in only Persian include synonyms (words with the same meaning, e.g. بلند “tall” and مرتفع “high”); with opposites (بلند “high” and کوتاه “low”); with pronunciation factors such as a number of syllables (the number of beats, e.g. three for کو- هس- تان “ku- hes- tân”); and gapped sentences (e.g. in English: “I am not _____ in watching football” for the word “interested”).

4. Memorize Persian words by using them actively

Once again, practice makes perfect. Don’t sit around and expect your Persian teacher to simply throw tons of words at you while you just wait for them as though you were playing baseball. It’s helpful to use a recently learned word at least 4 times and it will almost automatically be theirs.

5. Try learning 1 Persian expression every other day 

Besides being able to grasp Persian culture a bit more, learning Persian expressions will result in an improved vocabulary and a better understanding of verb tenses.
You can also read Persian phrases and guess their meaning.

Additional Tips:

1. Make peace with making mistakes

It may seem a little counter-intuitive, but when you learn a new language, mistakes are your friends. Actually, we need to make mistakes in order to learn.

Adult language learners are generally afraid of making mistakes for fear of sounding silly, or that some people will judge or laugh at them. They prefer to speak less or say nothing at all. As you know, children don’t have this fear, which is probably why people mistakenly think that children are better learners. Actually, the fear of making mistakes can lead to holding back and procrastination. Furthermore, if you have an idea of how you might say something but never actually say it, you’ll never know if it was correct or incorrect in the first place – which, again, slows down your progress.

We know, changing your mindset isn’t easy, but once you accept that making mistakes is part of the Persian learning, that’s an effective step in the right direction

2. Have fun learning 

Learning the Persian language shouldn’t feel like a chore. If it does, then you’re doing something wrong. Having fun is not just about having a good time or laughing, it has been proven that when we enjoy and like what we learn we not only procrastinate less but also retain information easier and longer.

With that in mind, identify your learner type then seek out Persian learning resources that work for you and that you enjoy using. Nowadays, there are several resources available for the Persian language, so if you know what you like, you will find something you enjoy.

3. Go to a Persian restaurant with friends and order in Persian

Are you a foodie? Do you love exploring Persian restaurants? Why not to experimenting with delicious Persian food? Why not learn Persian in this process?

Please use these simple tips, apply them to your own learning process, and you will see the difference.

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