Learn Persian: 10 steps to language fluency

How long does it take to learn Persian?

In most cases, grasping Persian will be easy. Half a year of regular practice will be enough for you to learn the basics and start speaking Persian with confidence. However, persistence and hard work will outweigh your Persian skills.

How to learn Persian fast?

The best way to learn Persian is to find an approach that is right for you and stick with it. Below are 10 good tips that will help you start and stay on track.

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1. Read Persian Books

You can make significant progress in learning the Persian language by reading books. We suggest you start with children’s books and go over to a more advanced level. While reading, keep a dictionary at hand and every time you come across an unknown Persian word, underline it, look it up in that dictionary and then write down its meaning.

Alternatively, you can read a Persian book and listen to its audio version simultaneously. Actually, this method will help you improve your word pronunciation association. Try to find the Farsi book that best fits your needs on Amazon.

2. Watch Persian movies and series

Watching Persian movies or series can also benefit the language learning process.

Don’t worry if your vocabulary is not that rich to watch movies. You can easily turn on the subtitles and turn them off when you feel comfortable enough watching the series in Persian. Do the same with Persian movies.

Here is a list of some good Persian movies.

3. Make the most of mobile apps

There are various methods of mastering Persian on the go, and using apps is one of them. Applications like Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone are a perfect way to enhance your language skills. Whether you’re commuting or waiting for your friend at a coffee shop or restaurant make the most of every free minute by completing one or several language tasks on your mobile.

4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Your fear of making mistakes may hold back your learning progress. Making mistakes is part of the Persian learning process. It’s only bad if you don’t learn from your mistakes. Even if your grammar or phonetics aren’t perfect, start speaking with native Persian speakers, and the fear will disappear.

5. Speak Persian daily

Sounding like a native doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a result of regular sessions of speaking Persian and honing your pronunciation. And here is when language learning sites like Learn Persian Online come in handy.

Just choose a preferred Persian tutor from our website and attend your class, all in a few clicks. Your Persian tutor will gladly create a personalized study plan based on your level and provide you with regular feedback on how to improve your Persian skills.

What is the best part? Online tutoring is a flexible and effective way to achieve Persian fluency. Just give it a try!

6. Find the Best Way to Learn Persian for You

How you learn Persian matters. You have to find the language learning methods that work for you best. One that brings you to Persian fluency fast and efficiently. But, it should also let you have fun. Here are some popular options with Persian language learners.

  • Join Classroom Lessons: Always this is the first thought of language learners. Well, actually a classroom setting can induce language learning anxiety more. Maybe the cost of these lessons won’t be cheap.
  • Hire a Private Tutor: One-on-one tutoring can be really beneficial and efficient. Having an expert’s attention to help you with all your Persian learning needs is great. But as you know, you need to pay for their time and expertise well.
  • Buy a Textbook: There are plenty of awesome Persian learning resources you can put together to have the best way to learn this language. Even if you’re a beginner learner, you can do it on your own.
  • Download a Persian App: Maybe the best Persian language learning apps can take you to fluency. Not only these are convenient, but also they’re often built on scientifically proven methods. So, you can trust them to work well.

7. Write Your Persian Lessons Down

The question is: did you know that handwriting is linked to tactile learning? So, when you’re learning Persian, writing it down with your hands can help you remember more of your Persian lessons. While this isn’t the only way you can make sure your memory holds valuable Persian information long term, it’s certainly an easy technique.

8. Beginners Should Practice a Lot

You need to practice learning Persian every day. Even just 20 minutes every day can already bring you good results. Practicing your Persian reading, writing, listening, and most importantly, speaking skills should be a daily activity.

Are you worried that your Persian studies don’t fit into your busy schedule? Worry not. If you’re really that short on time, you can combine language learning with other activities. Listen to a Persian podcast as you’re cleaning. Review some grammar rules on the bus or in your car. Or simply watch Persian films when you relax. Everything you do in Persian will help your fluency.

9. Make Learning Persian Fun

This is the best way to learn Persian. Maybe this is the best advice anyone can ever give you. Have fun with it. You should enjoy your lessons to keep coming back to them. And if you have fun, you stop worrying about how long it takes to learn Persian. You’ll look forward to your lesson. And, best of all, you’ll actually learn Persian better because you give more attention to the task.

10. Listen to the Sounds of Persian

Improving your listening skills in Persian is crucial. This exercise not only helps with your language comprehension but also it also makes your Persian pronunciation and accent better.

Listening to Persian doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to eavesdrop on Persian locals. Please try one of these free and easily accessible listening exercises even beginners can follow.

  • Watch YouTube: Actually, YouTube is an awesome language-learning resource. Subscribe to the channel of some Persian YouTubers to get regular Persian content.
  • Tune in to a podcast: You can reach Persian radio channels and podcasts online. You can learn the sounds of the Persian language and keep up-to-date on current events at the same time.

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