5 Ways to Accelerate Your Persian Learning Progress

So you’re learning the Persian language?

Smart move…

There are numerous ways that learning a new foreign language can benefit you. From helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease to interesting cultural experiences.

Actually, the world we live in today demands quick results, so you’re going to want to learn Persian fast.

But let’s be real here. It takes effort, time, and practice to become fluent in Persian.

Still, there are some methods and strategies you can use to accelerate the process.

Here are 5 useful ways that you probably didn’t even think of that can help you get there, and some of them will surprise you.

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1. Repetition and Memorization

These two concepts go a long way in learning a new foreign language.

The more you repeat something and commit it to your memory, the less time you will need to recall it in conversation later on.

Memorization by repetition is one of the best ways to execute your Persian learning process, especially if you can go as far as to memorize complete Farsi phrases you can use when traveling or striking up a conversation with natives.

As you know, speech lessons have long benefited both short and long-term memory.

Actually, this is because when you work on mastering something with a teacher or instructor, you are consistently practicing your language skill, which triggers the brain’s receptors to memorize.

When you learn a song in a foreign language, the same receptors are being fired, even if that song is in another language from your native one.

The important key is to make sure you have an understanding of what the song is about, otherwise, they are just words in another language that don’t have meaning for you.

Utilize singing in Persian as a surefire way to repeat phrases over and over.

The repetition and memorization associated with putting Persian words to a tune will prove useful in recalling a phrase in Persian.

2. Take Tests/Quizzes

The online world can be a fabulous resource when learning a foreign language such as Persian.

Take some time to test your knowledge and how far along you are in the Persian learning process by taking a quiz.

You can also enlist the aid of a native Persian teacher to provide you with a speaking test, where you are meant to carry on a conversation with him/her in Persian to see how you would “score.”

In this instance, a native teacher will be very beneficial for checking things like the noun usage or proper verb and proper emphasis or pronunciation – something that the online tests can’t provide.

We think it is important to find out just how far you are coming along in your studies to see if there are areas or skills to improve upon and how realistic your skills would be in the real world.

3. Learn Children’s Songs

Sounds silly, right? But we are sure that you won’t believe the benefits this can provide.

Since children’s brains are more apt to start with simple elements, the Persian words, and phrases within children’s songs are going to be easier to comprehend, especially when just starting on your learning of a language like Persian.

This will not only enforce repetition, but also it will also test your comprehension and simple pronunciations.

As you graduate in your understanding of the Persian language, the songs should become simple to the point where you outgrow this learning tool.

Then you have to work your way towards songs that have more complex sentence structures and Persian slang phrases in order to challenge your comprehension.

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4. Write It Out

In fact, when you write things down you tend to utilize repetition in a way to make something more memorable.

Simply put, by putting Persian words and phrases to paper, they will stick with you.

Find someone who speaks Persian fluently who can take samples of your writing and decipher them.

It will really help you find out whether you are truly grasping the concepts of sentence structure, tenses, and conjugations or not.

Please remember to start small by writing simple Persian phrases and responses and continue to test yourself as your knowledge grows.

5. Set Goals and Deadlines

As you know, you are more likely to accomplish something if you give yourself a deadline.

We suggest you plan an upcoming trip or reason to utilize your new skill. If you have a specific use for the Persian language, or a deadline in mind, you’ll be more motivated to master this language.

In other words, it gets easier for you to reach fluency in Farsi.

Be realistic, though; don’t expect to learn to speak conversationally in one month or two. Please give yourself time so you can feel comfortable communicating without error.

You can also start with small goals, like learning some basic Persian words within a certain time period. Then, you need to create a new goal and deadline for the next level up.

Give yourself a great reward every time you reach a new goal and continue to motivate yourself to keep going. Mastering a few Persian words and phrases before giving up does not make you fluent.

You can hold yourself accountable by putting your deadlines out on social media or by telling your family and friends so that you follow through. Or try setting goals with someone you’ll be traveling with and master the Persian language together!

Overall, please remember to stay positive and not get discouraged. As you know, learning a new foreign language is not easy, but as your comprehension grows, you will grasp the reward.

Try to keep your goals fun and enjoyable and find unique situations to put your lessons to use.

Put items like «Strike up a conversation with a native Persian speaker» on your list and challenge yourself to test your language skill in public.

Useful Tips

1. Knowing your goal will help you map your path

If you take time to determine and define your goals then you can plan your study accordingly. Actually, different goals will necessitate different courses of study. A translator’s path is not the same as someone who just wants to know enough Persian to travel to Iran.

2. Create a study schedule and stick to it

Discipline yourself so that no matter how busy your life gets you will always find time to continue your Persian lessons. If you never seem to be able to make the time, then please re-evaluate your goals. Get in the habit of studying Persian a little every day rather than a long time once a week. There is no doubt that the benefits of everyday studying and exposure far outweigh the advantages of intensive study once a week.

3. Carry a vocabulary notebook everywhere

We suggest you divide your notebook into sections for all the major parts of speech plus a section for whole Persian expressions or words and memorize everything in that book.


In the language learning process, it ultimately comes down to regular practice and effort. It takes time and effort to reach fluency.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t speed up your learning progress.

There are tips that can help you to become fluent faster.

The advice in this article may help you do just that.

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