Explaining that the Light which is the food

Explaining that the Light which is the food of the spirit becomes the food of the saint’s body, so that it (his body) also becomes friendly with the spirit (according to the saying of the Prophet), “My satan hath accepted Islam at my hands.” بیان آنک نور که غذای جانست غذای جسم اولیا می‌شود تا او هم یار می‌شود روح را کی اسلم شیطانی علی یدی

گرچه آن مطعوم جانست و نظر
جسم را هم زان نصیبست ای پسر
Although that (Light) is the food of the spirit and the (spiritual) sight, the body too partakes of it, O son.
گر نگشتی دیو جسم آن را اکول
اسلم الشیطان نفرمودی رسول
If the devilish body had not become fond of eating it, the Prophet would not have said, “The devil accepted Islam.”
دیو زان لوتی که مرده حی شود
تا نیاشامد مسلمان کی شود
How should the devil become a Moslem until it drink of the sweet food by which the dead is made living?
دیو بر دنیاست عاشق کور و کر
عشق را عشقی دگر برد مگر
The devil is passionately in love with the world, blind and deaf; (but this) love, no doubt, may be cut off by another love.
از نهان‌خانه‌ی یقین چون می‌چشد
اندک‌اندک رخت عشق آنجا کشد
When it tastes the wine from the cellar of clairvoyance, little by little it will transfer its love thither.
یا حریص االبطن عرج هکذا
انما المنهاج تبدیل الغذا
O thou whose belly is greedy, turn away thus (from the world): the only method is change of food.
یا مریض القلب عرج للعلاج
جملة التدبیر تبدیل المزاج
O thou whose heart is sick, turn to the remedy: the entire regimen is change of disposition.
ایها المحبوس فی رهن الطعام
سوف تنجو ان تحملت الفطام
O thou who art kept in pawn to food, thou wilt escape if thou suffer thyself to be weaned.
ان فی‌الجوع طعام وافر
افتقدها وارتج یا نافر
Verily, in hunger there is plenteous food: search after it diligently and cherish the hope (of finding it), O shrinker.
اغتذ بالنور کن مثل البصر
وافق الاملاک یا خیر البشر
Feed on the Light, be like the eye, be in accord with the angels, O best of mankind.
چون ملک تسبیح حق را کن غذا
تا رهی هم‌چون ملایک از اذا
Like the Angel, make the glorification of God thy food, that like the angels thou mayst be delivered from vexation.
جبرئیل ار سوی جیفه کم تند
او به قوت کی ز کرکس کم زند
If Gabriel pays no attention to the carcase, (yet) how should he be inferior in strength to the vulture?
حبذا خوانی نهاده در جهان
لیک از چشم خسیسان بس نهان
What a goodly table is spread in the world! But it is quite hidden from the eyes of the vile.
گر جهان باغی از نعمت شود
قسم موش و مار هم خاکی بود
Though the world should become a delightful orchard, still the portion of the mouse and the snake would consist of earth.




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