Explaining the cause of the eloquence

Explaining the cause of the eloquence and loquacity of that impertinent man in the presence of the Prophet, on whom be peace. بیان سبب فصاحت و بسیارگویی آن فضول به خدمت رسول علیه‌السلام

پرتو مستی بی‌حد نبی
چون بزد هم مست و خوش گشت آن غبی
When the ray (reflexion) of the Prophet’s boundless intoxication struck (the objector), that stupid fellow also became drunken and merry.
لاجرم بسیارگو شد از نشاط
مست ادب بگذاشت آمد در خباط
Of course, in consequence of (drunken) glee he became loquacious: the intoxicated man neglected (to observe) respect and began to rave.
نه همه جا بی‌خودی شر می‌کند
بی‌ادب را می چنان‌تر می‌کند
Not on every occasion does selflessness (intoxication) work mischief, (but) wine makes the unmannerly person more so.
گر بود عاقل نکو فر می‌شود
ور بود بدخوی بتر می‌شود
If he (the wine-drinker) be intelligent, he becomes decorous (displays goodly qualities when beside himself); and if he be evil-natured, he becomes worse.
لیک اغلب چون بدند و ناپسند
بر همه می را محرم کرده‌اند
But since the majority are evil and reprobate, wine has been forbidden to all.




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