Resuming the explanation of the Story

Resuming the explanation of the Story of the (eldest) prince and his constant attendance at the court of the King. باز آمدن به شرح قصه‌ی شاه‌زاده و ملازمت او در حضرت شاه

شاه‌زاده پیش شه حیران این                        هفت گردون دیده در یک مشت طین

The prince in the presence of the King was bewildered by this (mystery): he beheld the Seven Heavens in a handful of clay.

هیچ ممکن نه ببحثی لب گشود                     لیک جان با جان دمی خامش نبود 

Nowise was it possible (for him) to open his lips in discussion, but never for a moment did soul cease to converse with soul.

آمده در خاطرش کین بس خفیست              این همه معنیست پس صورت ز چیست

It came into his mind that ’twas exceedingly mysterious “all this is reality: whence, then, comes the form (appearance)?”

صورتی از صورتت بیزار کن                        خفته‌ای هر خفته را بیدار کن

(’Tis) a form that frees thee from (the illusion of) form, a sleeper that awakens every one who is asleep (to the Truth).

آن کلامت می‌رهاند از کلام                         وان سقامت می‌جهاند از سقام

The words (spoken by him) deliver (thee) from words (of idle disputation), and the sickness (of love inspired by him) lets thee escape from the sickness (of sensuality).

پس سقام عشق جان صحتست                     رنجهااش حسرت هر راحتست

Therefore the sickness of love is the (very) soul of health: its pains are the envy of every pleasure.

ای تن اکنون دست خود زین جان بشو           ور نمی‌شویی جز این جانی بجو 

O body, now wash thy hands of this (animal) soul, or if thou wilt not wash (thy hands of it), seek another soul than this!

حاصل آن شه نیک او را می‌نواخت                او از آن خورشید چون مه می‌گداخت

In short, the King cherished him (the prince) fondly, and in (the beams of) that Sun he was melting away like the moon.

آن گداز عاشقان باشد نمو                           هم‌چو مه اندر گدازش تازه‌رو

The melting (wasting) away of lovers is (the cause of their spiritual) growth: like the moon, he (the lover) hath a fresh (shining) face whilst he is melting away.

جمله رنجوران دوا دارند امید                       نالد این رنجور کم افزون کنید

All the sick hope to be cured, but this sick one sobs, crying, “Increase my sickness!

خوش‌تر از این سم ندیدم شربتی                 زین مرض خوش‌تر نباشد صحتی

I have found no drink sweeter than this poison: no state of health can be sweeter than this disease.

زین گنه بهتر نباشد طاعتی                          سالها نسبت بدین دم ساعتی 

No act of piety can be better than this sin: years in comparison with this moment are (but) an hour.”

مدتی بد پیش این شه زین نسق                   دل کباب و جان نهاده بر طبق

In this fashion he remained with this King for a long while, his heart (roasted like) kabáb and his soul laid on the tray (of self-devotion).

گفت شه از هر کسی یک سر برید                من ز شه هر لحظه قربانم جدید

He said, “The King beheads every one once, (but) I am sacrificed anew by the King at every instant.

من فقیرم از زر از سر محتشم                      صد هزاران سر خلف دارد سرم

I am poor in gold, but rich in heads (lives): my head (life) hath a hundred heads to take its place.

با دو پا در عشق نتوان تاختن                       با یکی سر عشق نتوان باختن

No one can run in (the path of) Love with two feet: no one can play (the game of) Love with one head;

هر کسی را خود دو پا و یک‌سرست              با هزاران پا و سر تن نادرست 

Yet every one has two feet and one head: the body with thousands of feet and heads is a rarity.”

زین سبب هنگامه‌ها شد کل هدر                  هست این هنگامه هر دم گرم‌تر

On this account all (other) combats are (fought) in vain, (while) this combat (of Love) grows hotter every moment.

معدن گرمیست اندر لامکان                        هفت دوزخ از شرارش یک دخان

The source of its heat lies beyond the realm of space: the seven Hells are (but) a smoke (rising) from the sparks of its fire.




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