On the meaning of “But for thee

On the meaning of “But for thee, I would not have created the heavens.” در معنی لولاک لما خلقت الافلاک

شد چنین شیخی گدای کو به کو عشق آمد لاابالی اتقوا
A Shaykh like this became a beggar (going) from street to street. Love is reckless: beware!
عشق جوشد بحر را مانند دیگ عشق ساید کوه را مانند ریگ
Love makes the sea boil like a kettle; Love crumbles the mountain like sand;
عشق‌بشکافد فلک را صد شکاف عشق لرزاند زمین را از گزاف
Love cleaves the sky with a hundred clefts; Love unconscionably makes the earth to tremble.
با محمد بود عشق پاک جفت بهر عشق او را خدا لولاک گفت
The pure Love was united with Mohammed: for Love’s sake God said to him, “But for thee.”
منتهی در عشق چون او بود فرد پس مر او را ز انبیا تخصیص کرد
Since he alone was the ultimate goal in Love, therefore God singled him out from the (other) prophets,
گر نبودی بهر عشق پاک را کی وجودی دادمی افلاک را
(Saying), “Had it not been for pure Love’s sake, how should I have bestowed an existence on the heavens?
من بدان افراشتم چرخ سنی تا علو عشق را فهمی کنی
I have raised up the lofty celestial sphere, that thou mayst apprehend the sublimity of Love.
منفعتهای دیگر آید ز چرخ آن چو بیضه تابع آید این چو فرخ
Other benefits come from the celestial sphere: it is like the egg, (while) these (benefits) are consequential, like the chick.
خاک را من خوار کردم یک سری تا ز خواری عاشقان بویی بری
I have made the earth altogether lowly, that thou mayst gain some notion of the lowliness of lovers.
خاک را دادیم سبزی و نوی تا ز تبدیل فقیر آگه شوی
We have given greenness and freshness to the earth, that thou mayst become acquainted with the (spiritual) transmutation of the dervish.”
با تو گویند این جبال راسیات وصف حال عاشقان اندر ثبات
These firm-set mountains describe (represent) to thee the state of lovers in steadfastness,
گرچه آن معنیست و این نقش ای پسر تا به فهم تو کند نزدیک‌تر
Although that (state) is a reality, while this (description) is (only) an image, O son, (which is employed) in order that he (who offers it) may bring it nearer to thy understanding.
غصه را با خار تشبیهی کنند آن نباشد لیک تنبیهی کنند
They liken anguish to thorns; it is not that (in reality), but they do so as a means of arousing (thy) attention.
آن دل قاسی که سنگش خواندند نامناسب بد مثالی راندند
When they called a hard heart “stony,” that was (really) inappropriate, (but) they made it serve as a similitude.
در تصور در نیاید عین آن عیب بر تصویر نه نفیش مدان
The archetype of that (object of comparison) is inconceivable: put the blame on thy conceptual faculty, and do not regard it (the archetype) as negated (nonexistent).




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