The Cadi’s answer

The Cadi’s answer to the questions of the Súfí, and how he adduced the Story of the Turk and the Tailor as a parable. جواب قاضی سال صوفی را و قصه‌ی ترک و درزی را مثل آوردن

گفت قاضی بس تهی‌رو صوفیی خالی از فطنت چو کاف کوفیی
The Cadi said, “You are a very idle vagabond Súfí: you are devoid of intelligence, (you are) like the Kúfic káf.
تو بنشنیدی که آن پر قند لب غدر خیاطان همی‌گفتی به شب
Haven’t you heard that a certain sugar-lipped (story-teller) used to tell at nightfall of the perfidy of tailors,
خلق را در دزدی آن طایفه می‌نمود افسانه‌های سالفه
Setting forth to the people old stories concerning the thievery of that class (of men)?
قصه‌ی پاره‌ربایی در برین می حکایت کرد او با آن و این
To that one and this one he would relate tales of their snatching (stealing) pieces of cloth while cutting it,
در سمر می‌خواند دزدی‌نامه‌ای گرد او جمع آمده هنگامه‌ای
And during the night-talk he would read aloud a book on (the tricks of) tailors, when a throng had gathered round him.
مستمع چون یافت جاذب زان وفود جمله اجزااش حکایت گشته بود
Since he found eager listeners among those who came (to hear him), all parts of him had become the story (that he was telling).




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