5 Ways To Accelerate Your Persian Learning

With technology making the world that much smaller and global capitalism striding its relentless path, learning languages are more important than ever. These are 5 top tips on how to progress that little bit quicker.

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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Persian Learning

1) Find someone to speak Persian with

When learning the Persian language there is nothing like real-time, native Persian speaker feedback to help your progress. One option is to learn through Skype, this has the benefit of linking you directly, with native Persian speakers. We have great and useful classes on skype. You can learn the Persian language with a Persian tutor.

2) Don’t be embarrassed to make mistakes

We are terrified of making mistakes. But, it’s by making mistakes that we learn the most.

Embarrassed to make mistakes can stop you from learning Persian. If you are afraid to ask questions, you can never improve your Persian language.


3) Practice, practice, then practice some more

It’s a cliché but it’s true. If you really want to learn Persian, you are going to have to practice. Probably every day. The good news is that with handy apps like Duolingo or Tandem, this is possible without taking up massive amounts of your time – or money.

Are you bored on your morning commute? You should maximize that free time to improve your Persian language skills. If you have an international business you can even see this as a step to improving and furthering your career.

4) Keep a handy notebook

A must-have. Use it like this: every time you struggle to find a Persian word for something you wish you knew to write it down. When you get home translate that Persian word. There is nothing like the relief of finally knowing that ‘milk’ is in fact ‘شیر’ and because you wanted that word for so long you will probably never forget it.

On the other hand, write down any words or Persian expressions that capture your imagination in the Persian language. This is especially important if you live in a Persian language country. Soon you will have a book full of all the words you needed and all the words that inspire you in the Persian language.

5) Find the things you love in the Persian language

For example, you can watch a Persian show that you like. even you can watch with a Persian subtitle. It’s true, maybe you only understand 50% of what is said. it really can be helpful and interesting.

So these are the top five tips for accelerating your Persian learning! We hope you find them useful in progressing your Persian skills.

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