Want to Improve Your Persian? Read Our Top Tips to Get Fluent Quickly

Do you want to learn Persian? Or want to improve your existing language skills? We have some tips to help you learn Persian better. Maybe you know that teachers separate the four key skills of learning a foreign language into listening and reading (the receptive skills), and writing and speaking (the productive skills).

Many learners start their language-learning journey with only a couple of these skills, and quickly lose their confidence because they struggle with a skill that they’ve never practiced. For example, at school, learners concentrate on writing and reading, but struggle to have a conversation.

On Learn Persian courses, our experienced tutors are native Persian speakers who are passionate about the Persian language, customs, and culture. We cover all the skills, writing, reading, listening, and speaking.

Here are some tips on how to practice all four key skills.
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Ways to practice speaking Persian:

1. Become Persian straight away

Please try to stop translating from English in your head. This will take time, but if you consciously try not to do it, the Persian will come more fluently.

2. Speak to yourself in Persian

Speak to yourself out loud in Persian. You may feel a bit crazy, but it definitely helps.

3. Talking all the time

Talk, talk, talk. Resist the temptation to fall back into English and take every opportunity to speak Persian with other people. At home, try and find someone you can speak to in Persian. Head to a nearby Persian restaurant and talk with the waiters if you’re struggling!

4. Read Persian

Read aloud and repeat Persian phrases, concentrating on pronunciation. Try and read an article or short piece of text fluently, even if you don’t understand all of it. Then please check anything you don’t understand and read it aloud again. Repeat a few times.

5. Record yourself

You can record yourself speaking and listen back to try and see what your own strengths and weaknesses are. Smartphones are great for this.

6. Listen to Persian songs

Find a Persian song and sing along, concentrating on getting the pronunciation right.

Ways to practice listening to Persian:

1. Watch movies and series

Watch a familiar film or series dubbed into Persian, really trying to listen to where each word stops and starts. And you need to watch it more than once – picking a film or series you like helps here. Please try and make your listening active, rather than just letting the language wash over you.

2. Listen to books

Listen to audiobooks in Persian, while reading along on the page. Again, choose something you like and enjoy. Boredom doesn’t help you learn.

3. Look at videos

Look up YouTube videos in Persian, and listen carefully, trying to gauge the context by what’s going on.

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Ways to practice reading Persian:

1. Find interesting articles

Choose short sections of text that you enjoy, for reading practice, for example, a sports article, blog, or short story. Read it again and again, engaging your brain actively. Please wait until the end to look words up, resisting the urge to stop-start all the way through to do this. If necessary, write down words you’re not sure about as you read. With practice, you’ll guess meanings from the context, as you do in your native language.

2. Listen while reading a book

As with the listening practice, listen to an audiobook, or short Persian story, while reading the text on a page. This will help with pronunciation, accent, and fluency. Again, wait until the end to look things up.

3. Read a book

You can start with a translation of one you know in English, to help with context and understanding words you don’t know. You can buy Persian books on the internet. If you’re daunted by a novel, start with children’s books.

4. Use Apps

Set apps on your phone or computer to Persian, For example, Instagram. Probably it’s familiar enough to you to know what the words mean.

Ways to practice writing Persian:

1. Write

Try writing to someone in Persian – maybe start with asking about Iran, with detail about it that you have learned in Persian.

2. Ask others to help correct your writing

Ask a teacher or other fluent Persian speaker to go through your written work with you, identifying any errors.

3. Look up words you don’t know after writing

Invest in a good Persian dictionary. But while writing, don’t keep stopping to look up Persian words. If you don’t know a word, write it down and look it up in the dictionary later. It’s best to get the flow and structure going smoothly, then you can brush up on Persian vocabulary later.

4. Write in a jotter

Invest in a jotter and write something down in Persian every day – set a trigger, for example, whenever you have a cup of tea or coffee, write a sentence down.

5. Write shopping list in Persian

Replace items in your shopping list or to-do list with Persian words.

6. Use flashcards

Write out useful phrases, and basic Persian grammar, including verbs, on flashcards, and ask someone to test you every day or so. When you’ve learned one set, make another.

7. Do it all yourself

Avoid Google translate! Actually, it’s not always your friend.

Useful Tips:

Bedtime vocabulary

Research and studies have shown that sleeping a few hours after you have studied can help you remember what you’ve learned better. Even better, the researchers found that a good night’s sleep after learning something new (like a new language) helps to slow down the rate of memory deterioration. So, take out your Persian words, and start memorizing before, or even as you lay in bed because it seems that sleep is key to a successful learning process!

Dare to make mistakes

People who are learning a foreign language, often avoid actually speaking it as they are afraid of making mistakes. You have no reason to feel embarrassed for not being born fluent in Persian. Just do it!

Music, podcasts, and radio

Instead of listening to your usual playlist, podcast, or radio channel, give the Persian versions a try. Why don’t you give it a try?

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