Key Tips for Improving your Persian Language Skills

When learning a new foreign language there are four essential skills that are necessary to be able to communicate fully and achieve a complete learning process. These four skills are Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

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1. Write fiction in Persian, e.g. short stories

For learners who find writing a diary about things that happen to them every day boring, the best choice is to let your imagination go and write about whatever comes into your mind. The advantage of this is that if you can’t think of how to say something in Persian, you can just change the story to something that is easier to explain. Perhaps the easiest way to start writing fiction in Persian is with a diary, changing any details you like to make it more interesting and funny, and adding more and more fantasy as the weeks go on.

2. Read Books with Translations

With some books you’ll find the translation is written right there, on the opposite page, making your reading experience easier and more enjoyable. This is a great option, as it saves you time pulling out the English-Persian dictionary.
One reason why this is such a wonderful tool is that often just looking up one Persian word isn’t enough for you to really get the feel of the entire text. If you find that you’re reading and re-reading a paragraph or a sentence over and over, and still unclear what you’re supposed to be taking away from it, the translation will quickly clear that up for you to understand better.

Top tips:

3. Learn a famous speech or poem in Persian by heart

Although you may never hear or get the chance to say exactly that line, but actually, having one memorable example of a Persian grammatical form in your head can make it much easier and more understandable to learn other examples of the same grammar as you hear them. It is also something you can practice over and over without being as boring as usual grammatical drills.

4. Online chat

The closest thing to speaking for people who don’t have the chance to speak Persian is online chat, as you have to think and respond quickly, and also the language is short and informal just like speech.

5. Read a book with pictures

No, not a picture book–but, again, if you like that, go for it!
In fact, reading books with illustrations helps to make the story really come to life, and also helps to make the characters more real, and the plot more personal. Reading Persian books that have illustrations scattered throughout will help you not only check to make sure you know what’s happening but also help to make what you’re reading stick in your mind more.

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