7 effortless ways to successfully learn Persian. Hints and tips

Of course, like everyone else, you want to be fluent in another language. And during this time, look for a good language to learn as a second language. Persian is one of the best languages to learn because it is very rich and beautiful. This language has a long history and is spoken in Iran and other countries.

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1. Dive into the atmosphere of the Persian language. In order to do it, you can:

2. Read and get acquainted with the history, culture, customs connected to the nations who speak Persian. For example, knowing the past history of Iran can help you to memorize some words that were inherited from Arabic.

3. Find out «Top 1500 Persian Words». Every language definitely has a number of common and important words. Learn them by heart.

online Farsi courses on YouTube:

4. Move to point 5, if you only can learn the Persian language with the help of individual teachers, classes, or courses. Whereas for self-learners we suggest finding out recommended Persian books on the Internet or buy them (there are several free books on the Internet), and then plan your own process of learning and study hard by devoting at least 30 minutes every day.

5. Try always to have a separate copybook for writing new Persian words and their translations, that helps greatly. It will be your dictionary.

6. Work on accent and pronounce accurately every Persian word from the beginner’s level. Please attend speaking classes where you can employ and practice it. The more you practice speaking, the better and easier you will speak Persian.

7. Speak in front of the mirror, it is very effective and useful in the learning path. Either speak Persian to yourself while you are driving the car, sitting in the bus, or walking on the street (for example, you can say: «.من الان دارم میرم دانشگاه، هوا عالی است» “I am going to the university right now, weather is awesome”). Can sound weird, but EFFECTIVE, believe us!

If you have more detailed questions about movies, books, courses, channels or, etc., we are always glad to answer 🙂 Even following at least one of these steps will significantly help you to increase your level in Persian.

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