How to Naturally Learn Persian Like a Child

Have you ever wondered why you can speak your native language fluently but when it comes to Persian most of us fumble?
Is it that your mother tongue is comparatively easier than Persian. Please, think again is it easier or, you find it easy because you have been speaking it from childhood.

We feel more comfortable with our mother tongue because we have listened to and adapted it form as long as we can remember. Now, imagine if you have had learned Persian similarly, wouldn’t your Persian be as flawless as well?

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We have grown up without really getting comfortable with foreign languages. So what can be done now to make Persian our strength? Why don’t we learn from kids only, the right mantra to learn any language. The moment a child is born we start speaking to him/her, mostly to soothe him/her and to shower our love on him/her. As they grow, we start talking to them more frequently showing them the light, the fan, their tummy, their nose. Babies gently begin to memorize these words and also understand their meanings. When they turn a little older, they start calling things and objects around them by their name.

Gradually progressing from one word, they learn to speak the whole sentence and they actually learn all this by constantly listening to us, if we are conversing in Danish then they’ll learn Danish, if English then English, Persian then Persian.

1. Listen, listen, and listen

The more you’ll listen, the better your brain will grab the Persian language. You have a varied variety of options – Persian songs, movies, series, news, videos, speeches, interviews, audio novels, anything and everything that features Persian as the main language.

It is not that easy to consistently listening to Persian as it is sounding to you. Many times we do not understand what the speaker has fluently said in Persian. Here are the solutions to this problem as well, moreover not just one but three.

  • First – If someone can talk to you in Persian regularly, make them your new best friend and listen to them as much as possible.
  • Second – Start slow, concentrate on children’s programs. Because it is easier to understand what they are saying.
  • Third – You can listen to songs after reading the lyrics or watch once with subtitles and then without it for a better understanding of what they have said.

2. Repeat

A kid firstly doesn’t know what a “fan” is? They are told the same thing repeatedly by showing the fan that این پنکه است ‘this is a fan’. Similarly to make your brain register Persian better, listen to the same thing more than a few times. Exactly the way you know the dialogues of your favorite movie by heart, in the same manner, you should get well versed with these Persian sentences as well.

Top tips:

3. Practice

A stage comes when kids become COPYCAT and they start to repeat whatever you say. In fact, they are adding those words in their vocabulary so that they can use them when required ever after.
The same thing you should do, just spell again and again what you hear. Automatically you will feel the improvements in your pronunciation, you’ll discover more new Persian words and above all, you will automatically start learning the proper use of a word as well.

4. Lose your fear

A kid isn’t afraid of making mistakes or asking questions, adopt the same attitude. Firstly, you will have to overcome your fear of speaking Persian.
Secondly, if you do not understand something or the meaning of any word then without any hesitation ask the meaning of that word or Persian phrase. It might happen that you learn something new in asking your query.

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