How to Speak Persian Fluently – 5 Key Steps

In today’s world, If you know more languages, you can partake in all things global: from internet culture that has no borders to international business that crosses them.

And while speaking Persian fluently can open new doors and expand your horizons, the important is to remember that fluency is not about perfection. It’s about feeling at ease with the language you are learning and being able to express your truth with it.

Here’s how to start speaking Persian more fluently in 5 steps.

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1. Binge watching some movies or series

One of the best ways to become fluent in Persian is to spend hours on your couch (or in bed) watching stuff. Yes, you read that right: now you have an excuse to watch your favorite movies or series In Persian!

To become fluent in Persian you have to be exposed to how it is used by native speakers in a variety of contexts. Watching everything from comedy shows to action movies and series help you absorb Persian vocabulary, slang, expressions, and accents while chilling out.

Try turning the Persian subtitles on to connect what you hear with how the word is written or also you can turn them off to focus solely on how things sound.

2. Imitate others

Speaking Persian fluently means working on your accent and pronunciation actively and consciously. One of the most effective ways to do this is to imitate how native speakers speak.

Pick a celebrity or other native Persian speakers you like and try to imitate how they speak Persian, paying special attention to their rhythm and intonation.

One way of doing this is listening to Persian audiobooks. Actually, you’ll be exposed to how they speak for hours on end. You can also watch or listen to videos on Youtube or listen to them on podcasts.

Top Tips:

3. Know yourself and your goals

Why are you learning Persian? For professional reasons? Pleasure? To communicate with family or friends? With your goal in mind, please actively search for opportunities to learn what you need and filter out what you don’t need (for example, vocabulary for talking about your work is very different from that necessary to have a trip to Iran). In fact, focusing on your overall learning goal will help you combat burnout when it comes.

4. Find child-like joy

While our brains are no longer as flexible as children are, we can still be as curious as them! The important keys are immersion and play, and for adults, excellent approaches are taking a class in your language (for example, Persian cooking in Persian) or going on a study abroad program that combines Persian learning with travel and cultural immersion.

5. Motivate yourself

it’s obvious that you need motivation to repeatedly seek out new language learning experiences, and as you know motivation has been consistently tied to language learning success. Find yours by buying your plane tickets right away, exploring your city with a language exchange partner, having a lovely notebook for your class, or making a ritual of doing your homework in a favorite coffee shop.

Key Tips:

1. Get surrounded

Come face to face with new input as much as possible! It’s good to change the language on your social media accounts, computer, and mobile. Download Iranian movies, listen to music and podcasts; read novels, non-fiction, and magazines; watch documentaries and cook from Persian recipes.

2. Realize that it’s messy

Please remember that you’re learning a skill, not an object. You need to relish the ridiculous moments, especially during the first months and do not fear failure or embarrassment. It is necessary and important that you make peace with the fact that your accent isn’t perfect and you don’t understand everything. Actually, none of this matters in the long run. What matters is commitment!

3. Learn Persian online

Learning Persian online has never been so easy. These days by doing a little research and comparison, you should be able to find the perfect fit for you. In fact, once you have found a place to start, you can always expand with additional resources. You will eventually be able to test your new skills with real Iranian people online. As you know, there is nothing like the real thing.

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