Tips for Learning Persian on Your Own

The best way to learn Persian is a combination of all the useful tips and tricks. Make sure you follow the following tips for learning Persian for the best results.

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1. Find a Persian Study Partner

If you like learning with somebody else, find a friend or another Persian learner to part up with. You can motivate each other, and exchange tips for learning Persian too. Not to mention the Persian speaking practice you can do together. But, be careful, chances are their accents aren’t so good. Don’t copy the way they speak, just use the time together for valuable Persian practice.

2. Ask Iranians to Correct your Persian

If you have the chance to practice with real Persian people, ask them to help you. They’ll definitely appreciate your efforts to learn their language. They can correct your Persian pronunciation and grammar better than anybody else. So, don’t be shy, speak to real Persian people for the best practice.

Although they might be tempted to speak English to you, this is not a judgment on your Persian knowledge at all. They likely just want to practice their English speaking with you. Or maybe they just want to make the conversation as comfortable for you as possible. Politely ask them to stick to Persian.

Top Tips:

3. Learn High-Frequency Words in Persian

Did you know that you actually don’t need a lot of vocabulary to learn Persian? You only need essential Persian words to express everyday ideas. You can use this rule to propel you to fluency faster. That’s almost how locals speak Persian too after all.

4. Make Comprehensible Input Part of Your Persian Studies

kids learn languages really well. But, that’s not because they have a superpower or they are so clever. Actually, kids just use an innate language learning method that adults forget. Its name is comprehensible input. If you make sure you follow this language acquisition theory, you can learn Persian very effectively. There are two rules and key components to comprehensible input:

Make your Persian lessons hard enough to keep you busy, but easy enough to understand.

Make sure your Persian material is a combination of different mediums, so you can guess the meaning of unfamiliar Persian words from context.

That’s one of the secrets to language learning. It’s one of the most useful tips for learning Persian, so make sure you use it to succeed.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes

Every single language learner makes mistakes. That’s a rule. Without messing up you can’t expect to perfect your Persian pronunciation. So let go of your Persian learning anxiety early on, because it only limits your success. We promise you, Persian people won’t judge your Persian knowledge. Instead, They’ll do everything they can to help you.

6. Listen to the radio, podcasts, and audiobooks

A great tip for busy learners is to listen to audio in Persian – whether that just means turning on the radio, finding a Persian podcast about an interesting topic, or a suspenseful audiobook. You can do all these things while you travel, cook, wash dishes, knit, or fall asleep.

The goal is not to understand every single Persian word – but the more Persian you hear, the more familiar you get with it, and the better you get at understanding.

7. Integrate your daily life with Persian

In fact, there are a whole lot of small changes you can make in your everyday life. Set your phone language to Persian, make a Persian to-do list, cook using Persian recipes, and write your grocery list in Persian… we are sure you can think of many more!

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